Antioch Middle School, District Office Raise Pride Flag in Honor of Pride Month


On Monday, Antioch Middle School became the first and only school in the Antioch Unified School District to raise the Rainbow Flag joining the District Office.

The move came after the Antioch School Board voted 3-2 on May 29 that recognizes June as LGBTQ Pride Month and flying the Rainbow Pride Flag.

During the month of June, the Antioch Unified School District urges all schools and individual citizens to participate in LGBTQ Pride Month and celebrate the identities and contributions of the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer/Questioning (LGBTQ) community.

According to Antioch Middle School Principal Lindsay Wisely, she explained the flag went up after the board direction and she stated that she wanted to create a welcoming environment for not only the students, but parents, staff and members of the community.

It was during the May 29 meeting where School Board Trustee Ellie Householder suggested that along with the proclamation, they fly the LGBTQ Pride Flag at the District office while encouraging other schools to also fly the flag.

“It may seem like a small thing raising a flag or having this resolution, but for students and young people who have been constantly been under attack for being who they are, this type of visibility does matter and could be the difference of a young person potentially committing suicide and them not committing suicide just by having their District and community stand behind them and recognize them saying we see you, we love you, we are with you and we stand with you,” stated Householder during the meeting.

The school district stated Monday that they were unaware of any other school in the District flying the flag other than Antioch Middle School.

Note: the US Flags to Half-Staff Honoring the victims of the tragedy in Virginia Beach, Virginia until sunset of June 4, 2019.


  1. There’s no c (for cisgendered) in their acronym. The LGBTQ community is not all inclusive and therefore hate speech. Fascist organization

  2. I don’t give a rat’s ass about gays and their problems. What bothers me is the mentally deranged transgenders who pose a danger to our children. When did this all come about? For decades and decades, people were happy as they were, then, suddenly, all this tranny crap started!

    We kept our kids home and they will not return to any Antioch school, but attend private schools in the fall.

  3. I’d rather see a flag flying that says. “We Love Antioch, We Love Each Other” A message that focuses on our sameness, not our differences, differences don’t matter, but what all citizens of Antioch share in common, Does! Go Positive! For everyone!

  4. Our kids did not return to that school after Memorial Day. Bye Antioch Middle School! It’s been nice… NOT!

  5. Lemme just say that i think this is disgusting and if i was i was a worker at one of these locations i would file a hostile work environment complaint…also i wonder how much money AUSD will lose this week when kids stay home.Oh and to the pimple faced lesbian Board member who organized this,i hope all those out-of-town activists can vote in the next election.

  6. Hi meg. It sounds like you might just be that mother that their kid hides from because their own mother won’t accept them. Whether u like it or not LGBTQ will never go away and will always be here. Just because u don’t agree with it doesn’t mean u need to turn into a nasty hateful human over it. Just saying!

    • Megs kids are not freaks, Theresa! Why was it that for decades and decades, we did not hear any kid wanting to have his dick cut off so he could become A GIRL? Of course, he was still a HE because one’s DNA doesn’t change!

    • Theresa,
      It’s very sad that you can’t understand that there is no place in public schools to promote specific alternate lifestyles. Just like you, others also have the right to be free of promoting sexual lifestyles by a tax funded government agency. I do not promote or hate others opinions, however, I demand those opinions not be forced on me with my tax dollars. Are we to celebrate KKK in public schools too ? You would be a fool to answer that, but those jerks have the same rights as LGBT. This whole issue and action by our schools is real bad and a can of worms has been opened that tax payers will regret. We are not a socialist society. To push that direction will be the demise of our constitution and country. See what happened to the Natzis. We do not need that. Stop this flag sherade now.

    • Oh Theresa stop the psycho analysis,it obviously hasn’t helped your group.But while we’re on the subject,what is this obsession with children and the need to recruit them? And what is this need to bully parents and kids into accepting lifestyles go against every law of morality and logic? If you and your group were so sure of it you wouldn’t have to sneak around to get your flag up. Every parent knows that we get atleast 5 calls a week from the District office and or school regarding every trivial matter,but nothing about this garbage issue.

  7. Lets raise the Christian flag in schools. Oh wait, thats hate speech. Let the impending doom of a nation begin. Remember folks, America will be destroyed from within!

    • Muslims might demand that their flag be raised on the next anniversary of the 9/11 attack! It’s coming!

      • You’re pathetic Gabriel El-Araf, there is no such thing as a Muslim flag. You should open a book and expand your knowledge. Don’t be an online gangster pretending that you know anything.

        Now go stand behind your rainbow flag.

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