Antioch School Board Recognizes June as LGBTQ Pride Month, Set to Raise Rainbow Flag


On Wednesday, the Antioch Unified School District approved a resolution via a 3-2 vote that recognizes June as LGBTQ Pride Month and flying the Rainbow Pride Flag at the District office.

During the month of June, the Antioch Unified School District urges all schools and individual citizens to participate in LGBTQ Pride Month and celebrate the identities and contributions of the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer/Questioning (LGBTQ) community.

During the meeting, two provisions were added from the dais relating to the flying of the flag.

According to Superintendent Stephanie Anello, this was the first year they have brought this resolution forward because they think it is important for the district to recognize their LGBTQ community and to honor them with a resolution.

“This is just a small start; many people do not know that roughly 10% of the population is represented in this demographic. It is also the largest segment of youth that are likely to have suicidal thoughts and we want to show that we proudly support them,” said Anello.

Board Trustee Ellie Housholder admitted she was getting “emotional” over this resolution and suggested additional language around the LGBTQ pride flag and Stephanie Anello was on it and added it in.

“It made me really proud to be a part of this District,” said Householder. “When you look at the individual level and at the school sites, when you look at the relationship that the teachers and staff have with the LGBTQ youth, I’ve heard so many positive stories of teachers and staff stepping up and going above and beyond to feel welcome and wanted at their individual school sites and at the District.”

She continued by saying the current political climate has made the LGBTQ community scared and shared a few statistics from the Human Rights Campaign where they published a Youth Report stating 77% of teens reported feeling depressed, 95% had trouble sleeping at night, 70 reported feeling worthless and 77% report they have heard their own family members make negative comments about them. She added that according to the Trevor Project, that reported showed that LGBTQ youths contemplate suicide at three-times the rate as their heterosexual counterparts.

“To have this resolution as written is just fabulous, it makes me proud and it makes me feel like we don’t do enough to toot our own horn in this District,” said Householder who added it’s a way to show the community they love all their students regardless of identity or sexual preference.  “I am beyond happy”.

Householder then suggested they raise the LGBTQ Pride Flag at the District office for that first week of June saying the resolution is simply encouraging it, but urged the board to consider raising the flag.

Anello added for clarification that the “two edits” suggested by Householder were not included in the public agenda which Householder read at the meeting. Both additions were made available at the meeting.

“It may seem like a small thing raising a flag or having this resolution, but for students and young people who have been constantly been under attack for being who they are, this type of visibility does matter and could be the difference of a young person potentially committing suicide and them not committing suicide just by having their District and community stand behind them and recognize them saying we see you, we love you, we are with you and we stand with you,” stated Householder.

Trustee Crystal Sawyer-White stated she was pleased with this resolution and suggested a workshop for the teachers this fall to assist students in need and how to support through throughout the school year.

Trustee Mary Rocha called this a “wonderful resolution” but had a concern if they allow flags to go up, what were the parameters.

“If we put up one flag, would we be putting up different types of flags all the time?” asked Rocha.  “Do we need to write something down so we are covering us?”

Anello stated they do not have a policy on what flags could be flown, they have followed the general guidelines of flags but they could take up the policy in the future.

“It is important that we treat all groups similar and there is a criteria of what we do because we do not want to be in the position of you have a worthy cause, you don’t, you do,” stated Anello. “But to really codify that in our policy, I will recommend that.”

Trustee Diane Gibson-Gray stated she thought that since they didn’t have a flag policy, approve the resolution and bring back the raising of flags once a policy was in place.

“If we don’t have a policy on flags, I firmly support the group and I think it’s a wonderful resolution, but we are opening a door,” explained Gibson-Gray. “These are flags I looked up and they are valid flags, Christian flag, Rosh Hashanah, Cinco de Mayo, Planned Parenthood, Confederate Flag, KKK flag, All Lives Matter, Blue Lives Matter, Red Lives Matter, Black Lives Matter, you go on and on. It opens a door that we are not ready to open.”

Gibson-Gray stated perhaps they should look at a policy on flags in the future, but recommended they approve the resolution without the flags attached to it.

Rocha agreed to approve the resolution without the flags so they could work on a policy with parameters with it saying she didn’t want to eliminate it, but wanted more thought with a flag policy.

Householder shot back saying they could follow the California Ed Code which recognizes June as LGBTQ Awareness month noting there was no KKK Awareness Month or Blue Lives Matter Month.

Sawyer-White explained they have in the past approved many resolutions which included Black History Month and Autism Awareness and now LGBTQ.

Householder added that the language proposed does not state they have to fly the flag, but rather the symbol of the flag further highlights the District’s further celebration of diversity. Householder stated passing the resolution shows support, but hoped they could then have a flag raising celebration.

“The fact we are even looking at this resolution is a big step forward for us. But these are things we are already doing in a district we are already doing to promote visibility in the district,” said Householder noting she didn’t believe it will open up a can of worms like people think.

Rocha stated she recommended they approve the policy as written and then work on a policy for raising flags in the future. Gibson-Gray added anyone could bring the request to raise a flag forward.

“I don’t want this to be a test case. I am absolutely for this resolution, just omit the flag and then try again. Come up with a policy,” said Gibson-Gray.

Jack Rednour-Bruckman, an Antioch resident and Executive Director at the Rainbow Center in Concord, spoke in favor of the resolution. She shared how 1 in 4 teens who commit suicide are LGBTQ which are the statistics reported and asked the board to think about the unreported.

“They didn’t kill themselves because of their orientation or identity. They killed themselves because of the stigma, the shame, and the violence, and the bullying directed towards them,” explained Rednour-Bruckman.

She added this was a big deal and the flag represents diversity, tolerance, acceptance and inclusiveness and the LGBTQ is not an organization, but about the community at large and what they stood for.

“I don’t preach to convert anyone or to judge anyone, live and let live and we should all be judged by our character,” said Rednour-Bruckman.

Deb Hubbard, Vice President of the Antioch Education Association and an AUSD teacher for 22 years, spoke in favor of the resolution by also wearing the Pride flag.

She shared how when she was 32-years-old and came out to her parents, she was afraid of losing her family—instead they embraced her. She further shared coming to this District 22-years ago, she didn’t come out right away.

“I realized my colleagues didn’t really get to know me because I was hiding this secret,” explained Hubbard. “Three-years ago under Principal Lindsay Wisely, I said I was coming out in front of all students and to get ready. Here is why, because the previous spring I was bullied at the age of 55-years-old by students at my own school because they were trying to out me to other students. I realized that when I have a secret, that is bullying me. So please open this door to the closet for all of our students. We are 10% of the population.”

She noted that more than 1,600 students within the district are LGBTQ, more of them have gay parents.

“When you fly this flag at every school, and for those of you worried at Elementary Schools, honey I can’t make a straight person gay any more than you can make me straight,” said Hubbard.  “This flag needs to be flown at every school. It is 2019, grow some courage and put the flag up at the District and at every school.”

The Board then passed the motion to include the flag as part of the resolution in a 3-2 vote with Crystal Sawyer-White, Gary Hack, Ellie Householder in favor and Diane Gibson-Gray and Mary Rocha voting against.

Board Resolution: Click here


  1. ECT, maybe you should ask Ms. Householder why she is pushing this so far. Maybe because she has a family member. She should have recused herself from this entire topic. Or you simply are pushing an agenda you agree with.

    • On what grounds should she recuse herself? There is no financial gain by ANYONE voting in favor or against. Kinda hard to push an agenda when the video is included of what happened. They really should work on a flag policy immediately would be my only agenda I’d push.

  2. Schools are pushing this LGBTQ crap down the throats of kids, and it’s pathetic. It’s a CHOSEN lifestyle, and a lot of gay people admit it. Including leaders of the gay community. The far left are making it worse. Shut up already. Do straight people “come out” and go on and on about it? They’re entitled to their “lifestyle” just quit pushing your agenda. Pissing people off makes it WORSE.


    • Well Nick, you’re just showing your ignorance even more than you already have. There’s over 200+ species in nature that have homosexual relations, but oh I forgot you probably don’t believe in objectivity. Straight people don’t do that because it’s the majority, just like douche bag white males like yourself have been the dominant narrative in this country. Times have changed Nick, you’re showing how outdated you are. Go move to Alabama already, seriously, and go die and isolated life surrounded by ignorance like yourself.

      • You can have all the gay sex you want with your lover. Just don’t do it on my property, or I’m calling the cops. They’ll go easy on you. Black men don’t commit too many violent crimes. It’s a myth.

      • Dimitri is just confused with his identity. But to everyones wish, do whatever the heck you want until you get bored and reallize that you are not a homosexual species because you are a human that can only biologically procreate with an opposite counterpart. Do not even start to say that men can get pregnant because I will laugh soo hard the food I am eating will cause me to choke. XD

    • I agree with Nick. I’ve had gay people tell me they chose their lifestyle. Like my gay friend Rick in SF who was married twice (to women). After two wives he was “done with women.” and didn’t want to go through life lonely. So he dates men, and his lover recently died of AIDS. He has no desire to marry a man because he’s “done with marriage.” My friend Scott who asked his girlfriend Patty to marry him in Hawaii, and she told him no, she was in love with another man at the office. Patty married him, and Scott now dates men. He lives in a state where gay marriage isn’t allowed. My friend Lisa (who I grew up with) who never dated men because she isn’t very pretty, and men aren’t interested in her. She recently married a woman. Amy – who I used to work with at Chevron. She’s been a lesbian all her life, and she told a group of us at a bar-b-que that “gay people aren’t born that way – including her.” And then there are Greg and Gary (identical twins) who I grew up with. Gary is married with children, and Greg is gay. If gay people were “born that way” identical twins would both be straight – or both gay.

      If I believed they were born that way (and I don’t) I would have more tolerance for their lifestyle. I’m happily married, and our kids are grown. I don’t have to like their lifestyle, and I don’t. A lot of us feel this way, and we’re entitled to our beliefs whether you like it or not.

      People like Dmitri, Vince and Meg want to tell us how to feel? How ignorant is that? Agree to disagree. It’s a free country.


      • Holy crap Melanie, really putting people’s personal business out there like that? Hopefully they’re not your friends anymore because you’re a horrible person. It’s true you’re entitled to your opinion, but that shouldn’t inhibit the freedoms and liberties of other Americans. Stay ignorant all you want, I’m sure your kids think you’re crazy too. Go read some scientific literature. You honestly think if one twin is gay the other one should be too? You’re pathetically uneducated. It’s 2019, read a journal or a book for goodness sakes.

        • I was thinking the same thing. Who calls their FRIEND ugly and post it with the name even. I usually agree with most of Melanie’s comments but not this one. Pathetic!

        • I’m no longer friends with any of these people. A lot of us refuse to enable sick lifestyles. You’re the ignorant one Dmitri. You think any person who isn’t a SJW (pathetic enabler) is ignorant. I have an advanced degree (UCLA). What is your education level? Identical twins have 100 percent the same DNA. Ask any scientist. Yes, if one twin is gay the other should be too.

          If gay people are admitting to choosing their lifestyle, how arrogant are you Dmitri to say they’re wrong? Typical black guy with a prison record. You KNOW you’ve been in jail. I think you’re a horrible person too. You’re not tolerant of others. You’re intolerant of anyone who doesn’t agree with you, and you know it.

          Simonpure – We can agree to disagree on gays. We’re all entitled to our opinions – respectfully.

          • Melanie – You are entitled to your opinion. He’s a militant SJW alright. Extreme arrogance… trying to force his opinion on others. And you’re correct when it comes to DNA. I’m well-educated myself, and it’s pathetic that someone who probably hasn’t furthered his education beyond high school tries to “act educated.”

            You didn’t call your friend “ugly.” You said your friend “wasn’t very pretty.” If she’s average looking, she will get less attention from men. Men pay more attention to good looking women, and any man who refuses to admit it is a liar.

          • H Nick! Ever notice how open minded the far left claims to be, yet they engage in name calling, abusive language towards anyone who doesn’t agree with them. They’re phonies, and I’m calling them on it. Have a nice day! And stay true to yourself. A lot of us have self respect, and have the guts to believe what we believe. We stand our ground, and don’t back down… Tom Petty style.

    • Kids are pretty smart and the majority don’t buy into this idiocy! We have to “de-program” our kids on a daily basis when they come home from school. Liberals have entrenched themselves into our public school systems for the last 60+ years and we have to keep fighting them. I clearly remember the indoctrination and fought it tooth-and-nail in the public schools I attended, thanks to watch-dog parents.

  3. I think this is a terrible decision. Not because it’s LGBTQ, but because it’s celebrating a specific choice. If they fly this flag , then wouldn’t it be non bias to fly an NRA flag , KKK flag , Raiders Flag? A Hamas flag ? All these flags represent choices. Some of those choices are not acceptable to some American citizens yet if you fly the one you must also fly the others or be criticized as a racist hypocrit. Think about the can of worms you are opening up by doing this. We should leave situations like this completely alone. This is a recipe for more division, hate, lawsuits, etc.. Schools need to remain neutral period. So when can I put up an NRA Flag at the front of these Schools ? I’m ready when you are.

  4. There is a gun show week coming up in Antioch. Who is the contact person to fly an NRA gun show flag at every school for that week ? I am a citizen too.

  5. Its about domination.Its about bullying those weak politicians and school board members into bowing down to the gay mafia.

  6. What a bunch of freaks! Even my gay hair stylist and interior designer thinks these LGBTQXYZ creatures have gone over-the-top with this nonsense! You cannot change your gender! Your DNA stays the same! These poor souls need major, long-term PSYCHIATRIC care!

    • Yes, they have. And the far left and their enabling makes it worse. The only thing that will make gays happy is psychiatric counseling. Living a normal life. A lot of us think their lifestyle is sick, and we’re not buying their agenda. Being gay is the disliking of or fear of the opposite sex. Period. Changing their gender – who knows. A psychiatric disorder? Or a choice. Either way it’s abnormal. The day I enable abnormal behavior is the day that’s not going to happen. They bring it on themselves.

  7. What about a German Swaztica Flag for Holocaust Week. Skin heads should be recognized. Refusal after allowing an LGB Flag would be great evidence at a civil rights law suit against the School District.

    • I was born in the South and I INSIST that we celebrate a CONFEDERACY MONTH with the Confederate flag flying from the top of city hall, the county offices AND the capitol in Sacramento. This is to celebrate the lost lives of those who died defending their states from NORTHERN AGGRESSION. Let’s just see how far this idea will go.

      • Actually the true confederate flag is white, because they surrendered and lost like a bunch of punks. The only heritage of the confederacy is TREASON against the USA. And these 2 comments come on Memorial Day weekend. What a disgrace.

        • Larry, you need to learn your history Eleven Southern states DID secede from the Union after Lincoln was elected … and existed from 1861 to 1865. After the Civil War, why wasn’t Jefferson Davis tried for treason? Because if he had been, it might have come up whether according to the interpretation of the Constitution, it was legal for those states to secede.

        • I thought Memorial Day honors ALL fallen veterans, not just those from the North. . . . and the South!

        • Hey Larry! “I wish I were in the Land of Cotton! Good times there are NOT forgotten!” Now, Larry, go and peel me a grape!

      • Billy Bob! I’m with you. If we are going into the flag display business, everyone will want their slice of the pie! Imagine al-Fatah, ISIS, Hamas, Hezbollah, the Neo-Nazis, the Old Nazis, the NRA, the GOA and their sympathizers insisting they each get at least a week of having their pet flags fly from public buildings. If this is refused, the courts would be overrun with lawsuits galore!

  8. Since the School Board likes to do things in a sneaky way and endorse lifestyles that make many of us sick.The best way is to fight back without fighting…look,all testing is done by the end of May, when you drive by your school in June and you see that gay flag just drive back home.Antioch can afford losing students for only 6 days in June.

    • Meg, we have 4 kids in Antioch schools and we’re pulling them all out immediately. They’re not returning after Memorial Day. My neighbors said they will do the same! Word is spreading now.

      • Rocketman much respect for you.If they wanna play games we have games too.Also have you noticed that nothing comes home regarding what these School Boards are comming up with? The only reason ECT wrote about it was to sorta rub it in.

    • Meg! I think the Antioch schools will be losing many students permanently. That’s the word out on the street.

    • Indeed! What gives the Antioch School Board, or any other school board anywhere in this state, the right to make such decisions? If memory serves, I don’t think we parents were consulted.

      Our teenagers said this is disgusting and they want no part of it. Our relatives who live in other school jurisdiction, said that the same thing is happening — in cities like Walnut Creek! Even the loser-to-be, presidential candidate Eric Swalwell, has gotten into the act.

  9. I hope parents who are unfortunately enough to have kids in the Antioch school system start protesting this insanity! Our kids are in private schools which wouldn’t dare do this! The parents control what is celebrated and what is not.

  10. “Trannies” think they are changing their gender. That’s an impossibility because you cannot change your DNA. The gays have their own problems and I wish them well.

    Actually, I wish there were more gay men out there, this way there are more women for me. HA HA HA HA!

  11. Is there such a thing as a gay “gene?” I don’t think so! A hypnotist can help a person get over this affliction. As to people being “suicidal?” Psychiatric help is available and should be used liberally.

  12. We left San Francisco to get ourselves and our kids away from the weirdos and deviants! Things were OK for a while, until some morons brought in a DRAG QUEEN with a bad wig to read dumb stories about “inclusion.” Our kids said they’re not “including” freaks! Then this LGBTQ idiocy raises it’s ugly head! We have to fight this pestilence. Our kids will be pulled out of these schools at their own request.

  13. Parents who want to pull their children out of Antioch schools are wise. Getting your kids away from weirdos is wise as well. It’s not fair to the kids.

    • We have 3 kids attending Deer Valley HS! They do not want to return there after the Memorial Day weekend because of this nonsense. We’ve had their name on a waiting list to be admitted to a private academy which they will enter in the fall. We will home school them through the summer.

  14. I support President Trump and im black so can we get a MAGA flag up in July? I bet not it’s too confrontational right? Or is it because it might get torn down and burned by a group of America haters that love homos? We’ll never know.

    • EC, I think we conservatives should pepper liberals’ cars with MAGA or Pro-Trump bumper stickers then sit back and watch them fight with each other! ROFLMAO!

  15. I agree with Melanie 100%. Gays dont really accept themselves so this is why they have the need to want a flag up to give them more confidence and feel more accepted. Other than that what’s the point? In reality about 90% of people are against what they stand for. The media and a few weirdos here and there support them.

  16. Lets face it! Our society is quite tolerant of people and their differences, but there are boundaries and if they overstep the boundaries, society will reject them. That’s just reality.

    If what society consider “deviant” behavior is forced on it’s individuals, those individuals will push right back with vigor! If someone tries to turn the acceptance of this behavior with laws, there are ways those laws can be fought and/or ignored It happens every day. Think about it.

  17. Whether you’re gay or lesbian, keep your sexuality to yourself! Just live your lives and STFU already!
    Heterosexuals do not go around pushing their agenda into anyone’s face.

    • You got it, Jeff! As to the “bi-sexual” He or she can turn anyway they want. Someone said that being “bi-sexual” is having the best of both worlds! ROFLMAO! You’re never at a loss for company. It might be the first step to gaydom!

  18. Hello everyone !
    I am a early 30’s white gay male who lives in antioch and I support Trump and I used to be on the left side years ago but I changed though because the truth really is the truth. I myself do not agree with what is happening with this so called “gay rights” movement and I do not believe my sexual life should be public to anyone so if definitely should not be a subject in public school taught to all ages. I do believe schools should say there are all different types of people in this world and it is never ok to hurt or hate any groups of people. I can honestly say I was always gay and I did not decide to be gay because I feel like it. I have always been attracted to men and women I can tell are pretty I see that but I never have a sexual feeling towards women. I think some people are able to decide if they want to be gay or straight and some really are just not attracted to the opposite sex. Ok so with that being known I do understand why gay marriage shouldnt be called married it should be something else because it is not the same as marriage. Things that are different should be named as the way they are.The whole issue with transgender is really is a big forced lie to everyone. There can not 3 or 4 or more genders. Teaching that gender is a choice is a scientific lie and it is something that should not be ok.We can not allow truth to be changed . No matter how you feel you are ultimately a man or a woman and If the person is really for equality then why would being a man or being a woman be any issue in the first place? If you believe they are completely equal – then being born a man or a woman and identifying as you really are should not cause a problem because they are equal right? but to say you are not a man when you are really are is just a lie to yourself and showing how men and women are not equal because it offends you so much to be a man. Our country is headed into a scary future and Trump is going to be the only president who will not follow this agenda that all the left side are trying to force down the throat of everyone. Lies are lies and facts are facts.I know pushing gay life down peoples’ throat is only going to cause more rejection not acceptance . Acceptance comes from both sides learning how to respect certain boundaries and to not push them. Thank you

  19. I think I’m going to take up some FLAMING ARROW archery! Hey! With the proper wind direction, I can take those rainbow flags down quickly!

  20. Jack Rednour-Bruckman is a “SHE?” I’m confused! Then Deb Hubbard said she “couldn’t be herself” because of her “secret.” What does her “secret” have to do with her teaching duties? When does a teacher start to discuss her or his personal life with students? Deb, your job is to teach! To convey information and nothing more!

    • I’m sure Deb’s parents were just over-the-moon delighted when she told them, “Hey Mom! Dad! I’m a carpet-muncher, like it or not!”

    • Why is Deb Hubbard defacing our flag? The Stars-and-Stripes is sacred! Betsy Ross did not make with rainbow-colored stripes below the stars!

      • Yes! Betsy Ross is spinning in her grave! What gives Old Bat Hubbard the right to deface our flag? That’s showing total disrespect! Shame on her!

  21. I’m getting so sick of all this nonsense. The crazy Drag Queen fiasco was the last straw! Lying to young children that this was just someone in wearing a costume like one doe on Halloween! Now, we have this LGBTQ nonsense poking it’s Medusa-like head — and someone suggested adding the letter “P” at the end signifying Pedophelia!

    If these misguided kids claim they experience sleeplessness, depression, suicidal feelings and feel worthless, then we have highly trained psychologists and psychiatrists to handle such problems. School should have them on their staff.

  22. Something tells me that the phones at the AUSD will be ringing off-the-hook on Tuesday. I’ve consulted a number of parents and they are just LIVID over this insanity! Who can blame them!

  23. What’s this Questioning/Queer thing all about? What are they “questioning?” Are they heterosexuals or homosexuals? Are they questioning their gender? It’s simple! You’re either female or male, not something in between, unless you’re a hermaphrodite!

  24. I will call the AUSD Tuesday morning and vehemently protest this insane decision. Our kids will not be returning to school.

  25. I usually drop off our 3 kids at school, but if we see some silly-assed “rainbow” flag flying there, we are turning right around and heading home. They will start their summer vacation early and won’t be returning in the fall.

  26. The fact that these Antioch Unified District morons made this decision without consulting the community, just totally fries me!

  27. I do not have a problem if somebody thinks they are gay. I do have a problem when the push it in my kids face at school. Next year I ma definitley taking my child out of the public school system. As in the days of Noah!

    • I’m taking our 4 kids (different schools) out of these government schools and sending them all to private schools where this sort of nonsense is not practiced. Gays are gays and should be left alone and should NOT push their agenda on anyone, but it’s the transgenders who bothers me. These people are totally whacked out crazy!

  28. Our kids did not return to school yesterday and they are enjoying their early vacation. They can’t wait to enter private schools in the fall.

  29. When will the cities and schools roll out the flag to celebrate HETEROSEXUALITY and people born as female or male and NOT think they can change that? Don’t hold your breath!

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