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Antioch: Firework Explodes in Man’s Hand, Transported to Trauma Center

by ECT

Contra Costa County Fire Protection District confirmed Thursday that in the morning hours they responded to a man who reportedly injured himself after a firework went off in his hand.

The incident occurred at Gumaro’s Auto Repair & Mufflers in the 1700 block of Auto Center Drive after an employee found the firework in a dumpster.

According to CONFIRE PIO Steve Hill, firefighters were dispatched at 9:25 am Thursday for a medical emergency.

“There we found a 33-year-old male with major injuries to one hand and further injuries to the other. He found the device, which had been previously lit, outside the business. According to a witness, who had urged him not to light the device, he lit it and it immediately exploded in his hands resulting in the grievous injuries,” said Hill.

The male patient was transported to John Muir Medical Center Trauma Unit by 9:43 am.

“Moral to this completely preventable story,” said Hill. “Fireworks are dangerous and uncontrollable, there are no safe and sane fireworks, they are all illegal regardless of type and marking.”

Hill added that half of all fireworks injuries occur to children. Had this been a small child, and not a grown man, the injuries likely could have been even more life altering.

Antioch Police were first on scene and rendered medical aid applying a tourniquet. Although Hill could not comment on the mans injuries, according to sources the man has lost at least one hand.

No further information was released.


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AWESOME!!!! Jul 5, 2018 - 6:03 pm

Best news if heard all week!!!

Name Jul 7, 2018 - 4:18 pm

Fireworks are DANGEROUS mmmkay ?

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