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Anna Marie Schubert Announces Run for California Attorney General

by ECT

Sacramento County District Attorney Anna Marie Schubert, who was surrounded by crime victims, crime survivors, community advocates and community leaders, announced she was running for California Attorney General on Monday.

Schubert, who is running as an Independent after giving up her Republican Party affiliation, will challenge newly appointed Attorney General Rob Bonta in next year’s campaign. She gained national attention after she was the “Golden State Killer” Prosecutor who helped crack the case. Last week, Nathan Hochman, a Republican who is a tax and defense attorney and is a former U.S. Assistant Attorney General announced he would run in 2022.

For Schubert, she used Monday to highlight how Bonta will bring failed policies of both Los Angeles and San Francisco to the rest of the state.

Anne Marie Schubert

Schubert said in her 30-years a “career prosecutor” she learned the impact of murder of violent crime forever changes people and the way they live their lives, careers they may choose, raise children and could be something those who never experience this ever observe or understand.

“How they protect themselves in their own homes, how they look at people standing in line at the grocery store and wonder if that is the man who broke into my home and raped me,” explained Schubert. “How they let their children play at parks. It never goes away, they may bury it but it never truly goes away but above all this is what I have learned. The sunlight never looks the same ever again.”

She accused the policymakers of this state by voting on bills that ignore the rights of victims while also blasting rogue prosecutors who are reeking havoc on crime victims and public safety.

“Countless victims across this state are being abandoned by the very people that we have entrusted to support them and protect them,” stated Schubert. “But it’s not just crime victims who are being ignored whose lives are being impacted by those who we have trusted to protect them. Each and every Californian is being impacted.”

She then blasted Bonta’s record.

“The newly appointed attorney general has voted for and supported policies and laws that are not only destroying the rights of crime victims but are destroying public safety in this state,” Schubert said. “Here is the truth: California’s criminal justice system is in chaos.”

She continued.

“When policymakers and reckless policymakers talk tough on protecting all of us yet they turn around and refuse to take action to protect any of us. That is chaos. When politicians talk tough and tell you they will protect the vulnerable, yet they refuse to make hate crimes, domestic violence, child abuse, human trafficking of a child, rape of an unconscious of a woman a violent crime. That is chaos. When politicians pass law after law or issue directive after directive that erode accountability in public safety. That is chaos. When convicted murders are celebrating in their prison cells that they are going to get out because of these policies. That is chaos. When billions of dollars are stolen from the states Employment Development Department and put in the hands of criminals who use that money to buy guns. That is chaos,” stated Schubert.

She did add she would always advocate for alternatives to incarceration while willing to listen and exercise compassion in the right set of circumstances. She also supported technology to help identify the guilty and exonerate the innocent—such as DNA technology.

“When violent criminals are let loose without any meaningful accountability, that is chaos. When businesses in the Bay Area are closing by 3:00 pm in the afternoon because they are worried about the violence. That is chaos. When politicians pass laws that support policies that weaken the consequences for gun violence in our communities, that is chaos. When politicians support the release of mass killers or baby killers from prison, but refuse to listen to the very people who were harmed. That is chaos,” explained Schubert.

She then blasted Los Angeles District Attorney George Gascon and Chesa Boudin in San Francisco.

“In San Francisco, you have a District Attorney, former public defender, who is letting violent criminals out with little oversight or consequences. Criminals who go on to victimize again. You have District Attorney who in a 3-month period of time let nearly 90% of those arrested for felony domestic violence go free without any consequences. Abusers who went on to get arrested again for beating women and children again. You have a District Attorney who is not using our gun laws to protect the public to hold violent criminals accountable. You have a city where everyday citizens can’t leave their cars for 5-minutes without fear of getting ripped off. You have a city where people have to leave their car windows down or their doors unlocked and putting notes inside their cars that simply says there is nothing in here in hopes they will deter the rampant theft,” explained Schubert. She continued by saying “major conventions” are pulling out of San Francisco because executives are worried about guest safety while tourists think its too dangerous. “A thriving economy depends on a safe society and these policies are devastating that city.”

She stated the newly appointed Attorney General (Bonta) has promised to bring the same types pf policies that are hurting San Francisco to the rest of the state—policies that are now devastating Los Angeles at the hands of the same politician who first brought the policies to San Francisco.

She then blasted Gascon noting that his own prosecutors had to sue him to enforce the law against violent criminals.

“When that District Attorney who is endorsed by the newly appointed Attorney General, cares more about violent criminals than mothers grieving over their murdered children, that is chaos,” said Schubert who explained how a mother had to review her sons autopsy report for a parole hearing of her sons killer because the District Attorney refuses to attend parole hearing and oppose any killers release that it was also chaos.

She again blasted Bonta.

“To be clear, the newly appointed Attorney General has promised to bring the same types of policies to the rest of our great state,” said Schubert. “Policies that are already devastating crime victims and public safety in Los Angeles and San Francisco. In fact, he has spent career in the legislator supporting laws that only further the chaos.”

She believed the attorney general position should be advocating for tougher consequences when violent criminals use guns to hurt people—instead, he (Bonta) voted to weaken gun laws. She stated hate crimes should be prosecuted with “tenacity” and “vigor” and advocating for real consequences, instead, he voted for weaker hate crime laws.

She closed by making every Californian a promise.

“You elect me as your attorney general, I promise you I will work relentlessly everyday that I am privileged to serve to end the chaos in our justice system, to protect victims and protect those accused of crimes. To serve justice to crime victims and their families as well as those who commit crimes in our communities and do everything in my power to keep every Californian safe and to be free to pursue their dreams without living in fear of crime, violence or chaos,” said Schubert.

For more information, visit: www.schubertforag.com

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Martin Felton Apr 27, 2021 - 6:42 pm

I’m voting for Ms. Schubert! She’s terrific!

Phyllis L. Loya Apr 27, 2021 - 10:04 pm

I am proud to say that I am seated to the left of Sacramento County District Attorney Schubert as she speaks at the podium to announce her candidacy for Attorney General of California. She is a career prosecutor who is the best person for the job. I have worked with Anne Marie on victims issues since 2012 and know that she is a dedicated professional and brilliant prosecutor , and she is correct when she says that our justice system is now in chaos. She is a fierce warrior for justice and California needs an Attorney General who has a heart for victims instead of their murderers or assailants. Posted by mom of murdered Pittsburg Officer Larry Lasater

LoveableCurmudgeon Apr 28, 2021 - 4:22 am

Well, she’s smart enough to figure out that a Republican can’t win any election in California. Switching to Decline to State is a nice move. Now, about her policies……tough n crime? Law & Order? Nice catch phrases. Does she realize that the job entails a lot more than fighting crime? Does she realize how much of the job entails civil actions? So what’s her plan? It’s a New World Order these days. She had best be prepared

Dawn Marie Apr 28, 2021 - 6:37 pm

Oh, LOVEABLE! Here you go again! Republicans can’t win any election here in California? Are you sure? Obviously, YOU have not been paying attention!

Just so you know! Republicans have clinched four of the seven competitive House races in California, proving wrong the dismal projections of their chances in 2020 and setting up the party for possible further success in 2022. It’s a reflection of the rest of the country, where Democrats expected to expand their majority and instead lost a significant amount of seats to Republicans, delivering the narrowest House majority in about a century to Democrats. How’s that, LOVEABLECURMUDGEON?????

Bob Rivera Apr 30, 2021 - 2:16 am

I’m voting for her. I hope she sends that leftist Bonta guy packing!

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