AG: No Criminal Charges Can Be Sustained in Shooting Death of Stephon Clark

Press Release


SACRAMENTO – California Attorney General Xavier Becerra today announced the results of an independent investigation into the shooting death of Stephon Alonzo Clark, finding after thorough consideration of all relevant evidence that no criminal charges against the officers involved in the shooting can be sustained. The investigation began at the request of Sacramento Chief of Police Daniel Hahn on March 26, 2018.

“This loss of life is a tragedy, and it is the kind of tragedy we have endured far too many times across our state and nation,” said Attorney General Becerra. “After extensively reviewing the record, we found that the evidence did not support filing criminal charges against the officers involved in the shooting. We approached our independent investigation with an open mind, and our decision-making was driven by one factor alone: the evidence. The death of Stephon Alonzo Clark weighs heavily on our community and on our hearts—and it is why we must continue our work with law enforcement agencies in the state to build on best practices and strengthen trust between peace officers and the communities they are sworn to protect.”

It is important to note that the scope of this investigation was confined solely to an examination of whether the facts of this case were sufficient to establish, beyond a reasonable doubt, the commission of a criminal offense. The criminal investigation and this report do not evaluate or address any issues relating to potential civil liability, or law enforcement policies or procedures.

The California Department of Justice conducted an extensive investigation into the evidence and facts surrounding the case, as well as a review of information made available by other law enforcement agencies. In addition to independent oversight and review by the California Department of Justice, this matter has also been investigated by both the Sacramento Police Department and the Sacramento District Attorney’s Office. The California Department of Justice reviewed all reports and digital evidence related to the shooting, including reports from the Sacramento Police Department, the Sacramento County Sheriff’s Department, the Sacramento County Coroner, the Sacramento District Attorney Crime Lab, and the San Diego County Medical Examiner’s Office, which provided an independent review of the autopsy.

As part of the California Department of Justice’s ongoing work, Attorney General Becerra released the first of two reports on the Sacramento Police Department’s use of force-related policies, training, and practices to help identify possible ways to achieve safer outcomes for community members and officers alike. Additionally, last year, the California Department of Justice signed a memorandum of understanding with the San Francisco Police Department to evaluate and report on the Police Department’s ongoing reform efforts. In January 2019, the California Department of Justice also e ntered into an agreement with the Stockton Unified School District and its police department to address system-wide violations of civil and constitutional rights of African-American and Latino students and students with disabilities.

The complete report on the shooting death of Stephon Clark is available here.


  1. Instead of squandering money and time on an “investigation,” that money should have been used for a solid gold medal for each officer! They took out a POS who will never destroy property or threaten people again. Good work, officers! Carry on!

      • (1) In 2016 a total of 1093 people were killed by police in the US. 266 of them were black. Out of all news reports of people being killed, how many were black? Probably most or all news reports. Why is that? Why are there no reports about the other 827 people? This is all just propaganda BS from the media, BLM, etc.
        (2) 99.9% of the time the suspect did not cooperate with police, and ultimately pointed something at the cops, what they always assume is a gun. Very simple, cooperate, then nothing will happen to you.

      • 100 percent of the time they didn’t cooperate with the police. If you have no respect for the police, you have no one but yourself to blame. All of them are 100 percent responsible. The police don’t shoot someone who cooperates, nor do they shoot law abiding citizens minding their own business. This isn’t breaking news.

  2. Do not commit crimes, do not run from the police, follow lawful orders from police officers! This guy was 100 percent responsible for the outcome of this situation. Im glad the officers were not injured and that ghe DA made the right decision. Being a police officer is an incredibly difficult job !! Thank you to all of our LEO’s risking everything to protect even the most ignorant and ungrateful public!

  3. Simonpure, I’m sure your son will tell you how difficult it is to hit a target during the best conditions (daylight, standing still, paper target/no threat). 20 shots fired in the dark with someone coming at you in a threatening manner sounds low to me. I don’t know the figures on how many hit the threat, but from what you stated 12 out of the 20 missed. And, despite what you see in the movies, people don’t stop their actions after being shot once. Very difficult situation that no officer wants to be put in.

  4. Simonpure whatever it takes to stop the threat! 1,2 or 20 shots. If you were my dad, and said that shit about cops, I’d disown you. You just showed that you don’t support you’re own son who you say is a cop. Really? Let your some read all the crap you post on here. If I was him, I’d stay the fck away from you. I agree with everyone here with the exception of dumb ass Simonpure!

    • Adolescence (from Latin adolescere, meaning ‘to grow up’) is a transitional stage of physical and psychological development that generally occurs during the period from puberty to legal adulthood (age of majority).

      • Simon … There is a saying, “Don’t go away mad! Just GO AWAY!” No one wants to read your stupid comments. You belong in a NUT HOUSE! Your son should do you a favor and find one for you. Obviously, you never transitioned from adolescence to adulthood.

        • In all actuality it is shameful to ridicule others for simply voicing their opinion. You can easily tell the age of some.

          • Simonpure, you are wrong in your thoughts. This criminal who did not follow police instructions and ran got himself killed. Police put themselves in danger every minute to protect you and me. And don’t give me that Black Lives Matters Shit! One of the officers that fired is black. This POS kids parents should be ashamed for raising a thug. So what do the stupid protesters do? Block Streets in Sacramento, really? For what? These Police Officers should get a promotion and be thanked profusely for keeping the rest of safe!

          • I get it dirty…my son doesn’t agree with me either but it’s still my opinion and I am entitled to it. Its’ the low life children on here that drive me nuts. Calling people names and attempting to ridicule others for the sake of what? They are cowards and probably not even of voting age.

          • I understand and I’m sorry, you do have a right to your opinion. It’s very personal for me having a child that works in law enforcement. A lot of sleepless nights for my wife and I. It’s just not a good time to be a cop. The country is so divided, which is promoted all by the media. I really think they’re to blame. It’s like, hey, what tribe do you belong too? Hopefully one day we’ll unite, but I don’t foresee that anytime soon.

  5. The police had every right to use deadly force against him, regardless of how many shots were fired. He was breaking windows, ran from the police and pointed what officers thought was a gun towards them.

    I get the excessive force argument. But this isn’t excessive force. It’s deadly force because the officers were in fear of their lives. If they have a choice between their life or yours – YOU LOSE.

    Excessive force (in my opinion) is when cops beat the crap out of a suspect, when all they had to do is cuff him. Just an example.

  6. Personally, I don’t think cops are tough enough with these punks! This is why I’m totally for the URBAN SHIELD project.

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