After Witnessing Assault, Antioch Teens Detain Suspect for Antioch Police



Corinne Rodriguez Evans reported the following incident in Antioch this afternoon and provided us with this nice photograph of Antioch youths lending a helping hand to the police department.

This is what she wrote.

I was at the Antioch City Park this afternoon with my granddaughter. About 2:30 pm, a couple of guys assaulted a woman in the parking lot. One took off with her bag, but the other guy wasn’t so lucky. There happened to be a bunch of Antioch teens in the park. They all jumped on the suspect, took him down to the ground and laid on him until the Antioch PD arrived. I realized what was going on when I heard one of them on his cell phone to the Police. The suspect kept begging for them to let up on him, but these brave young men held their ground. When the police officer showed up he had a smile on his face when he realized what they had done. Goes to show you that even some of the young people here in Antioch want a stop to all the crime that goes on here and are willing to take matters into their own hands!

For any of the teens involved, we would love to interview you so please contact us at [email protected]

Editors note, we have blurred the faces of the two boys in the photo


  1. I commend these young boys! Makes me smile when I hear of the good things that happen in Antioch (despite the woman getting assaulted).

  2. Good deeds by these young men, Yes all the teen youth here in Antioch are not all BAD!!!, I think they should be rewarded if it’s nothing but……a certificate!, a hand shake! from the chief himself!!!, I’m sure that would mean a lot to them…….too feel…..HONORED!!!, RECOGNIZED!!! ….For what they did!!!

    • These boys do need to be honored. As a Police Officer myself, I love to pull up to calls and see the citizens not taking this crap anymore and doing something. Just glad they were not hurt in the process.

    • Great job guys!! Great to see there are still some young men out there who feel responsible.

  3. Finally a happy story about the community taking back their city and parks. These young men need to be recognized by the City Officials.

  4. Way to go guys we sure need more upstanding citzens like you….There are still some good upstanding kids in Antioch that will stand up for what’s right….

  5. Wow that is so impressive when I was a kid I use to play in this park and to think common thugs are doing things like this Bravo to the teens that are taking their town back the Mayor of Antioch should give these teens something for their bravery.

  6. Love that there are upstanding young people out there willing to stand up to the punks who assault and rob innocent victims…Kudos young men…Your parents should be very proud of raising each one of you the right way….keep up the good work!!!!

  7. Great job!! Take your neighborhood back from these thugs!! Next time they will think twice coming around that park…

  8. The City should recognize these young men for what they did and for being role models for the youth of today and tomorrow. Way to go kids, you make this Old Guy think there’s hope for the future…

  9. I agree Bill, The city should recognize the good dead of these kids. No community will return to civilized society until the scum bags are under control. Good job! There is hope for east county.

  10. wow! nice that some young kids are willing to help do the right thing! all you hear about nowadays are kids getting into trouble. Nice to hear something positive 🙂 Great going guys!!!

  11. how long did it take for the cops to show up? fyi they get there faster when you call the “non-emergency” phone number.

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