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AD11: Hudson Profile Leaves Out Experience and Goals

by ECT

I learned a few things this morning about Assembly District 11 candidate Mike Hudson this morning in his profile piece in the Daily Republic about his hopes of serving in Sacramento. Hudson is running against Oakley City Councilman Jim Frazier.

I wanted to go through a few things before posting the article because it’s important for people to realize how big of a disaster Mr. Hudson would be for the entire District.

  1. He is all about Solano County stating it needs someone local—he is apparently not focused on the District as a whole.
  2. He is spending more time in Contra Costa to gain votes while thinking he has a huge following in Solano County—unless you are a Tea Party person, this is untrue.  He claims he is relying on his reputation… that depends on who you talk to. What I’ve found its unfavorable to him and few within his own party actually support him.
  3. He can lie. He says he is down there for every event and attends 5 year olds birthday parties. Well, my daughter turned 5 on Saturday and he was a no show! Obviously he was trying to be funny, but its a stupid comment that now everyone who has a birthday should send him an invite and hold him to this statement.
  4. He states he will work hard for the Latino vote. Okay, what about the Caucasian vote? The African American vote? The Asian Vote? This is the problem with identity politics, you don’t do it because we are all people. One vote is just as good as another and ethnicity shouldn’t matter.  Stand on the issue instead of pandering to one group of people because if the argument for an issue is good, it doesn’t matter someone’s racial background, they will follow!

The sad part about this entire profile is you really did not learn anything about Hudson or what he stands for or what h wanted to accomplish.  At least in yesterday’s piece on Jim Frazier, the paper talked about his experience and what he would like to accomplish.

Here is the article.

Hudson seeks to make jump to state Assembly

By Danny Bernardini

FAIRFIELD — Midway through his second term as a councilman, Mike Hudson is setting his sights on Sacramento.

Hudson, the lone Republican candidate, won the June primary for the 11th Assembly District with 31 percent of the vote and will square off with Democrat Jim Frazier who scored 28 percent of the vote. The new district has no incumbent and includes most of Solano County, Contra Costa County and a small portion of Sacramento County.

Hudson said the district needs someone local, as the two prior representatives were from Yolo County.

“Davis has run our politics for years,” Hudson said. “Redistricting just gave me a better chance of winning. I hope I can be a little different than what we’ve had before.”

Much of Hudson’s time is spent in Contra Costa County these days as he jockeys for votes with the former mayor of Oakley. He said he hopes to improve on his strong showing there, where he finished fewer than 400 votes behind Frazier.

“I was down there for every event. Every parade. If there was a birthday for a 5-year-old, I was there,” Hudson said. “I’m really impressed on how welcoming they were.”

Hudson said the two counties have a lot in common, including transportation issues, which he said his time on the League of California Cities’ Transportation Committee has taught him. He also pointed out that both areas have been hit hard by the housing industry downturn.

“League of Cities has really helped me. They make you a more well-rounded person,” he said. “Look at Fairfield and Antioch, they are almost identical. Oakley is a lot like Suisun City, but we’re about 10 or 15 years ahead.”

In Solano County, Hudson said he’s relying on his reputation.

“Up here, we’ve got people we have worked with,” he said. “They know I have a heart for this.”

Hudson is critical of Gov. Jerry Brown, especially with how he has handled education. Hudson said he is against both state tax measures, Propositions 30 and 38. He also was critical of the way the governor disbanded redevelopment without replacing it with another system.

With the district predominately Democratic, Hudson admitted he must work a bit harder to garner votes from that party.

“Faith and jobs, those are the reasons people cross over,” he said. “We’re working hard on the Latino vote. That’s the future of California.”

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Julio-Antioch Oct 8, 2012 - 10:29 am

Sorry, the city manager mess has totally shut me off on Fraizer. That and his too many signs in illegal places. He still doesn’t admit to very wrong doing. I would rather vote for no one than either one of them.

Jake G Oct 8, 2012 - 11:35 am

Looking at the big picture. I’d rather have someone who brings something to the table than someone who will alienate the District with Tea Party rhetoric. All candidates have issues, no one is perfect. Frazier is the best of the two and has my vote.

Rob Saw Oct 8, 2012 - 11:36 am

All one has to do is look at the endorsments to see Mike Hudson has little support in either county. The paper should have done some research in his claim about his reputation in Solano County because the endorsements say otherwise.

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