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#98: A Chat with Faye Maloney, Candidate for Brentwood City Council

by ECT

On this episode, I chat with Faye Maloney, a police sergeant at a local police department in the San Francisco Bay Area who is running for Brentwood City Council in District 1.

Episode Overview

  • 00:50 – Introduction of why Faye is running for Brentwood City Council
  • 03:44 – What was it about Brentwood that made Faye want to get involved… she says it was the homeless issue because its increasing in the city. She talks about the social nuisances along with the need for services. She also talks about the homeless area behind Target which is actually an Antioch, Brentwood and Oakley issue—there are 100 individuals behind Target, 50% of them do work.
  • 14:33 – We get into Faye’s story and how she got into law enforcement which started with her being parental abducted at age 6. She did not see her mother for the next 7-years while her dad took her to different countries. She talks about when she returned to the US, the American Flag means so much hope for her.
  • 21:44 – She talks about being homeless at age 17, while volunteering at the Sheriffs Office in Sacramento, they mentored her and helped her get on her feet and after graduating High School, she was hired at the Sheriffs Dept. At age 19, became a 9-1-1 dispatcher while going to college.
  • 26:43 – What are some of the reasons why Faye is running for Brentwood City Council. She talks about development and lack of infrastructure from hospitals, to roads/transportation, economic development.
  • 29:07 – what would Faye like to see in terms of improved economic development form helping local business to the agricultural and tourism with Harvest Time.
  • 36:40 – How do we move forward with PA-1 in Brentwood and the current plan.
  • 40:35 – Low income housing in the City of Brentwood, Faye shares her ideas.
  • 44:15 – We discuss Brentwood Police and its 5th beat, its “quality of life” unit it plans to create to address community policing. She urges police to engage with community at a higher level. She also provides her opinion of how Brentwood PD responded to protesters.
  • 51:40 – We get into East Contra Costa Fire Protection District and what should be Brentwoods role in a solution.
  • 55:20 – We discuss the “no drilling” campaign up in the Brentwood Hills.
  • 59:55 – Faye talks about Youth Services and the talk about the possibility of a Youth Center.
  • 1:01:30 – We get into Senior Services in Brentwood and if there are enough services available.
  • 1:06:30 – We discuss human trafficking and Faye’s plan to raise awareness on the issue given her experience.
  • 1:12:00 – Faye explains what sets her apart from the other candidates.

For more on Faye, visit her campaign website: www.fayeforbrentwood.com

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