Antioch Mayor Says Protesters “Harassed” Him at His Office, Police Response Requested


On Tuesday, Antioch Mayor Sean Wright alleges he was harassed by a group of protesters who showed up as his office who were banging on his door and yelling at him.

The incident happened within an hour of the Tuesday night city council meeting. Wright took the incident to social media where he wrote:

“I am being harassed right now where I work. Protesters are banging on my door and yelling at the top of their lungs. I can’t even get my notes out of my car. I am afraid. This is not how democracy should work. If you want to change a policy, you don’t threaten and intimidate people. Nor do you hold them hostage. This is wrong,” stated Wright.  

During his Mayoral comments during the meeting, Wright further highlighted he had to call Antioch Police because protesters had come into his building and were yelling and pounding on his doors and windows for more than an hour.

“I am trying to get ready for the council meeting when a male came up and asked for a chiropractor, I said I was closed and could see other people hiding. I feel like if I opened my door, they would have pushed their way in and taken over my office like they did during the school board meeting,” explained wright. “At that point, the pounding and yelling began I called Antioch police.”

Wright admits he was “rattled” by the incident, but glad there was a peaceful outcome.

During public comments, many spoke about how these people simply wanted to “talk” with the mayor and that he was exaggerating the incident.

According to Antioch Police Chief Tammany Brooks, officers were dispatched to a report of a group of people creating a disturbance at the mayor’s chiropractic office. Brooks said police made contact with 12 individuals and they agreed to leave the area and not to return. No further action was taken Tuesday night.

In recent weeks, protesters have used similar tactics to disrupt two Antioch School Board meetings while seeking to intimidate Board Trustees Diane Gibson-Gray and Mary Rocha. They also showed up to Mayor Pro Tem Joy Motts home during a protest with a blow horn attempting to intimidate Motts to sway her to vote against funding school resource officers.

Currently, protesters who are calling themselves the #6Forced2Strike are holding a hunger strike while camping out in front of the Antioch Police Department demanding that Antioch Police officer Michael Mellone be fired while also calling for the removal of Steve Aiello as president of the Antioch Police Officers Association. They are also calling for police reform with a seat at the table during the upcoming Bridging the Gap community round table sessions.

During Tuesday nights city council meetings, many spoke about holding a Special City Council meeting to discuss the demands of the protesters.


  1. Bunch of delinquents and cowards, we know by now who is sending them though. Who else is running for Mayor who also is also is in alliance with Ellie H? Whose aldo running for City Clerk. #dirtypolitics

  2. Don’t worry Mayor Wright! Even IF the police arrest these protestors for whatever reason, we all know Dianne Becton the DA won’t actually charge anyone. They’ll be right back at your office in no time! Time to start actually THINKING about who you’re voting for instead of following certain endorsements/ recommendations. The people doing the endorsing don’t have your best interest in mind.

  3. Protests sponsored by Nike and Disney. Because when it’s Chinese in charge of slavery and racism, it’s totally fine! Let’s zoom in on Shagoofa’s, leader of the crybaby protestors, new Nike cross trainers yea!

    • “Shagoofa?” ROFLMAO! What in God’s name is a “shagoofa?’ Animal? Mineral? Vegetable? “Ronnie! Fix me a shagoofa with some chili! OK?”

  4. It doesn’t matter whether the cause behind this type of protesting is in the best interest of the community or not in the best interest of the Community. This is a dead wrong way to go about it. This demands that these people get their way and the rest of us don’t have a say in it. That is the opposite of what we’re all about. And tactics of intimidation defeats any credibility they might’ve had in the protest. They have no credibility with me now. And unfortunately it makes all the other more legitimate protesting suspect. Not Kool!

  5. Did you see how fat these worthless losers are.
    They can starve for months and still be just fine. It would be good for them.
    These cry baby do it or else tactics are a waste of time. All these fat losers need to get a job and get a life!!

  6. Lmao, they called off the hunger part of their strike. You are correct we don’t care if you die from starvation. Now go of and eat your pizza hahahaha

    • Exactly, that’s the main point right there. I don’t agree with trapping the mayor inside an office, but someone has to address the Mellone issue. Somehow we always get caught up in the reactions instead of the actual cause of all this chaos. According to SFPD he was still under investigation for a prior incident (killing a homeless man) before getting hired by APD. It’s a legitimate point of concern that needs to be addressed.

    • Are you kidding? He got rid of some of San Francisco’s garbage! Now, they have one less moron to add to the city’s outdoor toilet! Good riddance!

      • 12 people were holding a hunger strike (for a few days) while 112,658 other current residents of Antioch did not join them? What gives? If Office Mellone is such a problem, wouldn’t you think every house here would be empty as residents took to the streets?

  7. Taking protests to people’s homes and businesses is tacky and dumb. It won’t be long before it gets out of hand and people with great ideas and skills will forego public service, because it just isn’t worth the hassle. And calling for people to be fired, for no reason other than you disagree, is cowardly. Maybe the officer made a mistake in SF and has learned his lesson and will be a good cop. Maybe the other officer has learned to keep his mouth shut. Those folks sitting outside City Hall need to take a breath and give the guys a chance to improve

    • Maybe he did what he was trained to do. He has the right to protect and defend his life, just like anyone else.

    • Why should Officer Aiello “keep his mouth shut?” I’m not even a cop, but if some lowlife gives me the finger, that finger will no longer be part of his hand!

      You also don’t disrespect the police who risk their lives to protect the maggots and dung beetles, LoveableCurmudgeon!

  8. This is unacceptable behavior by these protestors. They should be photographed and hereby warned… any future visit to this private property will result in a criminal trespass charge!

  9. Unfortunately for all you witch hunters there is something called “ due process”
    Take your tantrums back to your mothers basements and let it run its course!!

  10. So? A dozen “protesters” want the removal of two police officers? Considering that Antioch’s population is over 100,000 …. who cares what a bunch of fat losers want? Mayor Wright should have had the police arrest those slobs!!

  11. That Brown chick with a photo in today’s East Bay Times sure could lose a few pounds. Maybe she can save some money on food and use it for more tats on her arms. Maybe some on her neck and face?

  12. So who’s the person who claimed to need a chiropractor’s attention? Did he actually seek attention elsewhere? If this was clearly a ruse, that’s not merely unfortunate, that’s pretty underhanded and possibly criminal. I hope the mayor will get good video surveillance in order to document any ongoing issues and proceed accordingly. I’ll remember this incident in particular when I’m marking my ballot, but not in the way these protestors intended.

      • Regardless of everyone’s blind allegiance on this thread, Mellone being hired by APD despite leaving his previous precinct in SF to avoid a 45 day suspension clearly undermines what a civil society means by holding authority figures accountable. Acknowledging this doesn’t mean you are anti-cop; it means you are pro-justice. He shot a homeless man in the face with a beanbag gun, and the prosecutors ruled that Mellone provoked & escalated the situation as the homeless man hadn’t used a knife on anyone (he simply had one in his possession). P.s…. the SFPD prosecutors made these decisions based on the evidence, not me.

        Read about it for yourself:

        • Hey Pastor! In case you didn’t know, the SF Examiner is a LEFTIST RAG! Maybe good for a fishwrapper, but that’s it. They sure twist things around. We’re onto that!

        • Pastor! What makes you think that Officer Mellone left the SFPD in order to avoid the investigation? The whole event was a cut-and-dry thing.

  13. If I were in charge, someone would be constantly mowing the lawn around them. Than I would have a crew with power washers spraying down the side walk. I drove by there the other the day and those asshats were video recording a cop on a traffic stop. May a drunk leaving the Beer Garden will accidentally drive on the side walk. Losers need to go home. Heavy construction and lawn care needs to Commence now!!!

  14. Pastor Turd,
    As soon as you spend one day doing the job of a police officer, please STFU. You are a nobody who has done nothing!
    Go back in your mommies basement.

  15. This mangy bunch are also calling for police reform with a seat at the table during the upcoming Bridging the Gap community round table sessions? Are they kidding? Who gives a rat’s ass what they think! Maybe they should get a “seat” with WHOOPIE CUSHIONS to sit on. Now that would be a real gas!

  16. Pastor Maynard, can we consider harassing the mayor at his work place, to FORCE a view point, “civil society”? Are not their voices better heard in a civil manner at the appropriate council meeting for that purpose? Secondly, do we not undermine our Antioch Police Department and Police Chief Tamany Brooks by assuming he is incapable of doing his job and that “we the people,” armed only with incomplete news articles and scattered information, are more capable of judging the true character of Mellone- based on one incident? May God help us if this is the case!

    • Bryn, you raise some valid points. And I agree, trapping the mayor in his office was not a good idea; there are better ways to get one’s voice heard. And yes, Brooks is definitely capable of doing his job and hiring the right people; he does a great job. But missteps can be made, and simply having a position of authority does not make one immune to human error. The main point I think in all this is, the people act violently and irrationally when they perceive their leaders to be doing the same. And based on the current predicament, it might be best for the actual facts then to be addressed about the incident in SF; only addressing the protestor’s actions is missing the point. Perhaps America’s descent into chaos and crime mirrors the fact that most of its leaders also engage in mass crime and get away with it daily? It simply boils down to accountability, at all levels of society. America has been in a steady arm’s race with itself for decades and now we are witnessing its apex.


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