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511 Contra Costa Launches Text-Your-Commute Challenge in October

by ECT
CONCORD, California – 511 Contra Costa is encouraging everyone who lives and works in Contra Costa County to make their commute a little greener and participate in the Text-Your-Commute Challenge next month.

Sign up now by texting the word “START” to 925-905-TRIP (925-905-8747). On October 3, participants will begin receiving daily texts at 10 a.m. and 7 p.m. asking them to report on their commute. Challenge participants who make 15 clean one-way trips between October 3 and October 24 will be eligible to win a $25 prize, those who make 30 clean trips can win a $50 prize, and the “commute champs” who makes the highest number of clean trips will have a chance to win a prize of $100. Clean trips can include carpooling, vanpooling, public transportation (bus, train, ferry), walking or bicycling to or from work.

“This is a fun opportunity for people who typically drive alone to try different ways of getting to work. You’ll end up saving money on your commute and reducing traffic – and you can win a prize on top of that,” said Contra Costa Transportation Authority Board Chair Dave Hudson. “Reducing the number of cars on the road is also a great way to reduce contaminants and greenhouse gases that are released in the air. That is a win for everyone.”

511 Contra Costa and the Contra Costa Transportation Authority are committed to reducing congestion and pollution in the area by encouraging solo-drivers to walk, bike, take transit or join a carpool or vanpool. In fact, 511 Contra Costa offers an additional $25 incentive to qualified commuters who make the change from driving alone. Learn more about drive less incentive at: 511contracosta.org/commuterprogram/

How it works:
1. Text START to 925-905-TRIP (925-905-8747) from your cell phone anytime between now and October 2 to participate in the Text-Your-Commute Challenge

2. Beginning October 3 and continuing through October 24 you will get daily texts at 10 a.m. and 7 p.m. asking you about your commute

3. Respond by texting your commute (after you have reached your destination if you are driving) by using up to two of the following codes, separated by spaces add (e.g. 1 2 ):
1 – Carpool
2 – Vanpool
3 – Bus/Train/Ferry
4 – Walk
5 – Bike
6 – Drive alone
7 – Other

4. Win rewards for your clean trips!

If you no longer wish to participate in the challenge, text STOP to 925-905-TRIP.

For complete Text-Your-Commute Challenge information visit 511contracosta.org/2016-contra-costa-text-your-commute-challenge/

About 511 Contra Costa
511 Contra Costa is a comprehensive Transportation Demand Management (TDM) program that promotes alternatives to the single occupant vehicle. We encourage what we call “green commutes” via the utilization of alternative modes of transportation that eliminate traffic congestion and improve air quality by maximizing the use of our entire transportation network. Commute options include carpooling, vanpooling, telecommuting, biking, public transit, and walking. Funding for 511 Contra Costa programs are provided primarily by the Bay Area Air Quality Management District’s Transportation Fund for Clean Air and the local half-cent sales tax, known as Measure J, approved by voters in in 2004 and administered by the Contra Costa Transportation Authority. A portion of our Employer Outreach services and programs are funded by the Metropolitan Transportation Commission’s Congestion Mitigation Air Quality funds. More information about 511 Contra Costa at 511contracosta.org.

About The Contra Costa Transportation Authority
The Contra Costa Transportation Authority (CCTA) is a public agency formed by Contra Costa voters in 1988 to manage the county’s transportation sales tax program and oversee countywide transportation planning efforts. CCTA is responsible for planning, funding and delivering critical transportation infrastructure projects and programs that connect our communities, foster a strong economy, increase sustainability, and safely and efficiently get people where they need to go. CCTA also serves as the county’s designated Congestion Management Agency, responsible for putting programs in place to keep traffic levels manageable. More information about CCTA is available at ccta.net.

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