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2021 Contra Costa County Fair Canceled

by ECT

On Thursday, the Contra Costa Event Park announced that the 2021 Contra Costa County Fair has been cancelled.

In a release, it stated safety was the main concern and had been weighing all options, however, the priority was the safety of the fairgrounds family, patrons, vendors, promoters and sponsors of the Contra Costa Event Park.

In a statement, they said they understood that the decision had both financial and emotional impact on all of the Fair partners. After thoughtful consideration, they did not feel it would be a responsible decision to continue with the planning of the 2021 Contra Costa County Fair, when it could potential be canceled at the last minute.

The Contra Costa County Fair has been an annual event for over 80 years, and has operated uninterrupted, with the exception of a few years during World War II. The Fair is a large part of our communities’ history and tradition, and the decision to cancel the 2021 Fair did not come lightly.

The fair hopes to return in 2022 with dates of May 12-15.

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Jim Simmons Dec 11, 2020 - 6:14 am

I can understand why they are postponing it this early. Planning on something like this takes time, but we could all use the fair right about now as an outlet. We need something to do. If they can pull this off, it might be the best fair yet because people do not want to be home any longer.

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