Vehicle Strikes Horse on Kirker Pass, Roadway Shutdown for 3.5 Hours


Just before 4:00 am Friday, Concord Police and Contra Costa County Fire Protection District were dispatched to a major injury collision on Kirker Pass.

According to Concord Police, the crash occurred at 3:47am near the intersection of Kirker Pass Road and Myrtle Drive.  A vehicle traveling south on Kirker Pass Road collided with a horse in the roadway.  The vehicle then left the roadway and struck a tree along the west curb line of Kirker Pass Road, south of the intersection with Myrtle Drive.

The driver, who was the solo occupant of the vehicle, was transported to a local hospital for treatment of his injuries.  The horse was severely injured and had to be dispatched at the scene to end its suffering.

The owner of the horse was contacted at their residence by Contra Costa County Animal Services for follow up.

Southbound lanes of Kirker Pass Road at Myrtle Drive were closed for approximately 3.5 hours

The cause of the collision is still under investigation.  Anyone who may have witnessed the collision is asked to contact Traffic Investigator Lee Lawrence at the Concord Police Department, 925-671-5097.


  1. Was the guy asleep at the wheel? I bet he was driving hell-bent-for-leather! I feel sorry for the horse. You should ALWAYS anticipate such things on the horrible road! I’ve seen it happen. Kirker Pass is a very dangerous road.

  2. Sad horse didn’t make it; hope someone didn’t let it out on Myrtle. Most of the stables look well secured up there so it makes me wonder.

  3. Really? The last thing you’d expect on the road is a horse. I’ve never once seen a horse in the middle of any of these roads. I feel bad for the poor horse and the poor driver.

  4. It’s very dark on that pass at night and if someone is speeding, it’s difficult to react quickly if you come upon something in the middle of the road. I hate that road because it’s so poorly designed. Very steep going up hill on both sides and also quite steep heading downward. That pass needs a MAJOR overhall.

    • Living by the road is dangerous, driving it is dangerous, but a hell of a lot better than years ago when there was no median divide whatsoever. Very sad for the horse. People are also ALWAYS doing burn out circles and always speeding. Infact the other day a car on Kirker and Railroad slammed into an apartment building!

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