Senators, Students, Faculty Call for Tuition Freeze


SACRAMENTO – A broad, bipartisan coalition of legislators, students and faculty are calling for a tuition freeze for students at the California State University and the University of California at a Capitol news conference on Monday, March 12.

Both CSU and UC are considering tuition increases to compensate for a shortfall in the Governor’s budget. CSU is seeking $165 million more in state funding to avoid tuition hikes; UC is seeking $105 million more.

“In a year when state budget revenues are expected to be robust, and when we’ve already raised tuition so much, we shouldn’t be imposing more tuition increases on the families of students at our public universities,” said Sens. Steve Glazer, D-Orinda, the chairman of the Senate Select Committee on Student Success and Ben Allen, D-Santa Monica, chairman of the Senate Education Committee, in a joint statement.

“Investing state resources in preserving college affordability must be a priority, for the sake of today’s young people and for the future of our state.

Joining Sens. Glazer and Allen will be members of the Assembly and Senate, CSU and UC students and faculty.

What: News Conference on Call for Tuition Freeze
Who: Legislators, CSU & UC students, facultyDate: Monday, March 12
Time: 1:30 p.m.
Where: Room 1190, Governor’s News Conference Room
Livestreamed: on Twitter @steve_glazer


  1. Gotta love America, where many have to sign up for war because they can’t afford higher education.

  2. Maybe Moonbeam can take the 40 million from defending illegal aliens and apply it to citizens tuitions for education.

    • You got it American, he could even throw in his wasteful tunnel and train to no where money. Probably could throw out their bs gas and registration tax to. What a wasteful government we have in California

    • You think Moonbeam would do that? Thank GOD he’ll be termed out FINALLY! Both he and his father have been total disasters for this state!

  3. Take a look at what the UC Berkeley Chancellor commands as a salary. It will blow your mind!

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