Senator Monning Proposes Bill That Taxes Drinking Water


A Bill introduced on August 23 by Senator Bill Monning (D-Carmel) would tax drinking water in an effort to repair the state’s public water works.

According to SB 623, an affordable drinking water fee would be in place per Article 5: Safe and Affordable Drinking Water Fee:

  • (A) For a customer with a water meter that is less than or equal to one inch in size, the fee shall be ninety-five cents ($0.95) per month.
  • (B) For a customer with a water meter that is greater than one inch and less than or equal to two inches in size, the fee shall be four dollars ($4) per month.
  • (C) For a customer with a water meter that is greater than two inches and less than or equal to four inches in size, the fee shall be six dollars ($6) per month.
  • (D) For a customer with a water meter that is greater than four inches in size, the fee shall be ten dollars ($10) per month.
  • (E) For a customer without a water meter, the fee shall be ninety-five cents ($0.95) per month.

Below is a copy of the Press Release

Bill to Tackle California’s Clean Drinking Water Crisis Announced Today by Senator Monning and Bipartisan Coalition

(SACRAMENTO, CA) – Today, Senator Bill Monning (D-Carmel), state legislative leaders, community leaders, and environmental justice and agricultural groups announced Senate Bill (SB) 623, which would establish the Safe and Affordable Drinking Water Fund to provide short- and long-term drinking water solutions to Californians who lack access to safe and affordable drinking water.
“In Flint, Michigan, 100,000 people were exposed to unsafe drinking water, but right here in California more than 1 million Californians are annually exposed to unsafe drinking water,” said Senator Monning.  “Having access to clean drinking water is a basic human right that should be guaranteed to every person in California, and it is time that we act on this issue.  SB 623 represents a historic achievement that will establish a Fund to finance projects to ensure clean drinking water for all.”
The bill will establish the Safe and Affordable Drinking Water Fund to provide an ongoing source of funding to finance water improvement projects throughout California.  Approximately 300 water systems in California currently have pollutant violations, such as arsenic, lead, nitrates, and uranium that have been linked to nausea and vomiting, cancer, reduced mental functioning in children, nervous system decline, miscarriages, and numerous other health issues.
Support of the Fund will come from a fertilizer mill fee, a fee on dairies, and a fee assessed on water bills of no more than $1 a month per household, and is anticipated to generate $140 million a year.  Low-income rate exemptions are provided for households under 200% of the federal poverty level.



  1. You Democrats are sickening. Tax, tax, tax everything! Is there nothing you fools won’t tax?

    How about you politicians in Sacramento trying to live within a budget that doesn’t hurt the middle class since we are the ones that suffer the most from your liberal tax & spend philosophy.

    What’s next on the good ‘ole California Democrats progressive agenda, taxing every member of a middle class family $25 per month for the air we breathe?

    No wonder California is such a mess.

    • Tax on the air we breathe? We are already there.

      Don’t need to look any further than the Bay area air board or CARB-calif air board (contra costa supervisor John Gioia). You pay every time you get a needless smog certificate. You waste more money and actually emit more emmissions, just to pay a tax hidden as a certificate fee. The smog program should have elapsed years ago as cars now have to meet very strict emission standards during production. Wake up people! It’s all about the revenue.

  2. No surpise there. A democrat and another proposed tax…..I think we have been taxed and penalized enough by the current state legislators!

  3. Swamper must go. Tax, Tax, Tax. You need money Monning? Propose you politicians get the same healthcare as us underlings. Now that’s an idea. Vote this jerk out.

  4. Is this Monniong creature for real? What will he tax next? Water with which we flush our toilets?

    • That’s the water he’s proposing. Any water that runs to your house through the water meter.

    • Oh, you will pay to flush or they will lien your property. I foresee a lot of constipation on this subject. Aren’t you proud of the democrats in office?

  5. If the unhealthy water leading to an early death exist then why not declare the region uninhabitable? Why is government waiting for a tax?

  6. Why stop there. You still haven’t taxed the air we breath. How did that escape you? What a tool!

  7. this crap never ends. tax on gasoline and our car tags and now this stupid fat cat that lives off our tax money wants more. these blood sucking democrats all need to be kicked out.

  8. May I please have a glass of water I’m very thirsty? Sorry, NO , you have not paid your tax on it.

  9. There is already a clean water act.
    This dimwit is looking to protect Coastal watersystems at our entire States (taxpayers) expense. It’s politicians like Monning and Frazier that are leading us all into the toilet. This must stop now. It’s no wonder people are fleeing California because of political morons and nanny legislation like this.

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