Senator Harris Statement Opposing Nomination of Judge Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court


WASHINGTON, D.C.U.S. Senator Kamala D. Harris released the following statement tonight on the nomination of U.S. Circuit Judge Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court of the United States:

“The Supreme Court has a profound impact on the rights—and lives—of all Americans. When at its best, it has advanced the meaning of those words above its doors, ‘Equal Justice Under Law.’ At its worst, the Supreme Court has upheld racial segregation, enabled voter suppression, and equated corporations with people. Whether or a not the Supreme Court enforces the spirit of those words, ‘Equal Justice Under Law,’ is determined by the individuals who sit on that Court.

“Judge Brett Kavanaugh represents a direct and fundamental threat to that promise of equality and so I will oppose his nomination to the Supreme Court. Specifically, as a replacement for Justice Anthony Kennedy, his nomination presents an existential threat to the health care of hundreds of millions of Americans.

“During the 2016 presidential campaign, President Trump made clear that he had a litmus test for Supreme Court Justices—overturn Roe v. Wade and oppose a woman’s constitutionally-protected right to make her own health care decisions. The President then released a list of nominees who had been vetted to meet that test. Judge Kavanaugh is on that list.

“Judge Kavanaugh has consistently proven to be a conservative ideologue instead of a mainstream jurist. As recently as last year, he disregarded Supreme Court precedent and opposed the health care rights of a vulnerable young woman. That ruling was overturned by a sitting of all the judges on his court. In 2015, Kavanaugh wrote that an employer, based on their personal beliefs, can deny their employee access to birth control coverage.

“I know personally just how consequential this seat on the Supreme Court is. Almost two decades after the Supreme Court’s landmark ruling in Brown v. Board of Education, I was part of only the second class to integrate the Berkeley, California public schools. If that Court had not issued that unanimous opinion led by Chief Justice Earl Warren in that case argued by Thurgood Marshall, I likely would not have become a lawyer, or a prosecutor, or a been elected district attorney, or the Attorney General of California. And I certainly would not have become a United States Senator.

“That’s the power an individual Supreme Court Justice holds. Those are the stakes of this nomination. We must demand a mainstream jurist worthy of our great country.”


  1. MAybe our California delegation needs to look at the real world of The Hnitex States and look for what’s best for all and eliminate the give away programs which. Will lead to the distraction of California

  2. Why didn’t she make the statement weeks ago when she wrote it? Oh ya, because the name placeholder wasn’t filled yet.

  3. Another partisan statement from Kamala Harris……what a surprise.

    Unless it’s a super liberal judge that Trump is appointing, it won’t matter who he appointed they would oppose the person.

  4. Unless it’s a super conservative judge u folks who use this platform for all your racists hood rat comments won’t b happy.

    • @MsKris- not sure what you are talking about…… haven’t really seen any comments yet that have any indication of being racist or as you put it “hood rat.” Simply because we do not agree with Kamala Harris or her statement, which for the record in no way provides a factual basis why Judge Kavanaugh should not be considered.

      Arguing Supreme court precident without showing similar facts In Kavanaugh case would not give the presumption that it is a binding decision that he would be required to follow, so this argument of hers has no teeth until additional facts are provided.

      Second and most importantly, The supreme court determined back in September 2017 that employers should not be required to provide birth-control to its employees when a religious belief comes into play for the employer, thus making it legal. So for her to argue this point for him imposing what is legal, shows exactly why Kamala Harris should not be in the position she’s in.

      Kamala Harris’s comments are nothing more than smoke and mirrors to try and confuse the general public by using false and deceiving narritives.

      And when you immediately go to trying to portray our comments as “racist” or “hood rat” because you merely disagree with them, you immediately lose all credibility.

  5. The far left and the far right are extremists. That’s why most Americans are moderates, including me. Until we come to terms in the middle, we’ll never get anywhere.

  6. What a farse for a statement. Doesn’t even take the time to do any research, etc. Straight from the Nancy Pelosi and Maxine Waters playbook on leadership. Embarrassment for US senator.

  7. Good comment Nick. I hope that happens soon. I think the proposed nomination is a good one. I believe he will do a non partisan job and stick to the constitution.

  8. Trump has the opportunity to get at least 2-3 new justices on the bench! Old Ruthie, the obstacle, will soon be gone . . . and none too soon. You want to see Kamala rant? Just wait!

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