Saturday: Friends of Marsh Creek Watershed Host Creek Cleanup

Photo by Friends of Marsh Creek Watershed

The Friends of Marsh Creek Watershed invite you to join hundreds of your friends, neighbors and classmates as they cleanup Marsh Creek on California Coastal Cleanup Day on Saturday, September 15.

Last year over 400 volunteers removed nearly 4 tons of trash from 20 miles of creek and Delta Waterways.

This year, the organization is making an effort to decrease the amount of plastic bags they use in order to be more green! Bring a bucket or something to gather trash in that is reusable or recyclable!


There are 7 sites planned for being cleaned up this year. (NOTE-The Sand Creek Basin Site in Antioch has been removed)

  • Brentwood Homecoming Park (WE NEED MORE PEOPLE AT THIS SITE!)
  • Brentwood Dainty Road/ Central
  • Brentwood Creekside Park
  • Brentwood Ron Nunn/ Apple Hill
  • Oakley Creekside Park
  • Oakley Cypress Road
  • Discovery Bay Newport & Capstan at Kellogg Creek Trail

2018 Creek Cleanup Site PAGE: register + waiver

For more information on the Friends of Marsh Creek Watershed:

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