Police Catch Goat Wandering Streets of Brentwood


The Brentwood Police Department reported Wednesday that they responded to a report of a lost goat wandering the Streets of Brentwood in the early morning hours.

Police say the goat was a little cranky and did not play well with others, but after a few of our officers practicing their animal whisperer techniques, the goat finally came around and was later reunited with his family.


  1. Very nice description of what went on. A good job indeed. I have seen a man with a large herd of goats in the area behind the Streets of Brentwood where he let the goats eat the weeds growing there. He must have 100 goats and travels from area-to-area with them A few weeks ago, I saw his giant truck in Concord where his goats were gobbling up weeds. A very good thing to do.

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