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Antioch Chamber of Commerce Endorses Measure W

by ECT

The following endorsement was sent out by the Antioch Chamber of Commerce regarding Measure W in the City of Antioch.

As a business owner in Antioch, Measure W affords a unique opportunity to improve this community, and thereby, your chances of business success here. Looking past the one cent tax increase, you will discover the many ways Measure W will positively impact your business.

Many of the problems affecting our city can be attributed to a handful of causes – insufficient police resources, blight and homelessness, and a lack of resources for our youth. The major benefit to Measure W is that it targets all these factors.

For example, Measure W will help make Antioch safer by maintaining 911 police response and the number of police officers patrolling city streets, directly improving the efficacy of our Business Neighborhood Watch program. The funds from Measure W could also be used to clean up illegal dumping, thereby reducing the unsightly blight and rampant homelessness that are ravaging this city. By restoring after school and summer programs for youth, businesses can rest assured that they will be less encumbered by the many problems that unsupervised youth can bring to a community, especially in the afternoons and on school breaks.

When you consider that Measure W costs the consumer one cent for every dollar spent (except on critical food products like groceries and prescriptions), you will surely agree that it is a small price to pay to ensure our city is safe, clean, and well-maintained.

For more on the Antioch Chamber of Commerce, visit them at: www.antiochchamber.com

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