Pittsburg Woman Faces Attempted Murder Charge After Dragging CHP Officer On I-80

Photo provided by CHP San Francisco

On April 27, 2018, at approximately 5:05 pm, CHP motorcycle Officer K. Spears conducted a traffic stop on a red Jeep on I-80 eastbound east of 4th Street. Inside the vehicle was a female driver, two adult passengers, and a child.

Officer Spears made contact with the driver, later identified as Nicole Kristine Wade, from Pittsburgh, CA., 33. Wade presented a California Driver’s License not issued to her. Officer Spears had Wade exit her vehicle and he asked her for additional information pertaining to her identity. Wade walked back to her car and Officer Spears followed her to the open driver’s side door. Wade entered her vehicle in an attempt to flee the scene. Officer Spears tried to gain control of Wade to keep her from fleeing.

Wade was able to get inside her vehicle and accelerated away from the scene using the right shoulder. Officer Spears remained partially inside the vehicle as she fled reaching speeds of up to 35 to 40 mph. Officer Spears continued to try and gain control of the driver. Wade turned the vehicle in a reckless manner in an attempt to hurt and or injure Officer Spears.

In doing so, Wade turned the vehicle to the left and side swiped a white Honda Civic as Officer Spears was hanging outside the driver’s side door.

After approximately a quarter mile of Officer Spears actively fighting and struggling with Wade, the vehicle struck the rear of another vehicle. Wade continued to accelerate and Officer Spears was able to force the steering wheel to the right. The right front wheel collided with the right side concrete bridge rail and broke the front axle. Wade continued to attempt to flee but her vehicle was disabled. Several CHP San Francisco Officers rushed to the scene and were able to gain control of Wade.

Officer Spears was transported from the scene to San Francisco General Hospital for his injuries sustained as a result of this incident. Fortunately his injuries were non-life threatening and he was released.

Ms. Wade was transported to the CHP San Francisco Area office for further investigation. She was then booked into the San Francisco County Jail on charges of attempted murder, assault with a deadly weapon, child endangerment, reckless evading, resisting arrest, giving false information to a Peace Officer, and felony driving under the influence causing bodily injury.

Wade also had 3 outstanding warrants out of Contra Costa County ranging from a No Bail Warrant to a $100,000 Warrant. Her adult passengers were released and the minor was turned over to Child Protective Services.

Information provided by CHP San Francisco


  1. That is some kind of dedication and tenacity, right there. Unbelievably heroic action by Officer Spears.

  2. This chick has been a long time crook in east county and beyond. Crank, ID theft, car theft , burglary etc. I hope she gets locked up for a long time!!
    Scum Bag!!

  3. Just when you thought you had a reliable ride from the airport this happens……

  4. I hope she never ever comes out of jail. In fact, I hope she gets prison for life. Even better, maximum security prison.

  5. Her mother is a sheriff’s deputy. She’s been getting off FOR YEAR’S I won’t be surprised if she’s out in 90 day’s and the whole ass case disappeared💯

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