Fremont Police Arrest Man Linked to at Least 25 Indecent Exposure Incidents

Photo provided by Fremont Police

Fremont Detectives have identified and arrested a 31-year-old man wanted in connection with an multiple high profile indecent exposure incidents in multiple jurisdictions.

Over the course of the last several weeks, detectives assigned to the Department’s Crimes Against Persons Unit, Street Crimes Unit, and Special Investigative Unit have been investigating a series of indecent exposure cases in our City.  The incidents span over one year.  The first case in our series was on May 15, 2017 and the most recent reported the evening of June 27, 2018.

Additionally, the Pleasanton and Newark Police have linked similar cases in their jurisdictions to the same involved suspect.  One of the most significant pieces of evidence is a tattoo on the right bicep of the suspect. The suspect and his tattoo were recently captured on private video surveillance in Pleasanton and pushed out through social media to our community and media this past weekend.

On July 11, 2018, a detective working off an intuitive hunch identified the suspect as a local car dealership mechanic.  Joseph Ironteeth Angelle (31 years old/transient) was positively identified as the suspect through photographic lineups, as well as his distinct tattoo on his right arm, by numerous victims.

Upon a positive confirmation from victims, detectives obtained an arrest warrant for Angelle, which was granted through the Alameda County Superior Court on July 11.   Investigators immediately dove into Angelle’s background and located two addresses of interest associated with close family members; one in San Jose and one in Stockton.

Utilizing officers from several specialized units within Department, surveillance was initiated at both locations.  After a short period of time, Fremont personnel who were looking for Angelle’s 1998 Toyota Tacoma in San Jose, noticed a naked man running from an apartment complex on Roberts Ave.  Believing the naked man could be Angelle, additional detectives converged to the area and the San Jose Police Department was contacted.

The male retreated to the bushes. Upon making contact, Angelle was identified and immediately resisted commands. A Taser was deployed to help safely taken Angelle into custody. Angelle was medically cleared and transported to the Fremont Police Department for interviewing purposes.  Additionally, as part of the investigation Angelle’s vehicle was seized pending the issuance of a search warrant.

During the interview, Angelle provided a mirandized statement to detectives, during which he admitted to several of the indecent exposure incidents; from Fremont, Newark, and Pleasanton.  Angelle admitted to committing approximately twenty-five similar indecent exposure acts in the past.

Although Angelle provided a mailing address out of Stockton, he stated that he is currently transient and sleeps within his vehicle.

Joseph Ironteeth Angelle was arrested and booked into Santa Rita Jail on two counts misdemeanor indecent exposure PC314, one felony count of indecent exposure PC314, one felony count of burglary PC459, one misdemeanor count of lewd conduct in public PC647(a), and one count of misdemeanor resisting arrest PC148(a) related to the cases in Fremont.  The cases will be reviewed by the Alameda County District Attorney’s Office.

Arraignment is scheduled for July 13, 2018 at 2:00 p.m. at the East County Hall of Justice.  The incidents in Pleasanton and Newark are still under investigation and additional charges could be added.

If you have information related to this investigation and/or you were a victim of Joseph Angelle, please contact Detective Michael Collins of the Fremont Police Department at [email protected] or 510-790-6931. Police  will also accept anonymous tips.  Please text TIP FREMONTPD followed by your message to 888-777.

The following information was released by Fremont Police


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