Congressman DeSaulnier’s Statement on Republican Bill to Repeal the Affordable Care Act


Washington, D.C. — Congressman Mark DeSaulnier (CA-11) released the following statement on the Republican plan to repeal the Affordable Care Act (ACA).

“After seven years and more than 60 attempts to gut, rather than improve, the Affordable Care Act, Republicans have finally released their plan – only to put forth a bill which would roll back years of progress. The Republican plan would cause millions of Californians to lose their coverage, increase premiums and deductibles for working families, force seniors to pay five times more than what others pay for health coverage, and cause 11 million Americans to lose coverage through the termination of Medicaid expansion. The real winners under the Republican plan are the insurance companies, pharmaceutical industry, and the wealthy – leaving the sick, poor, and elderly to bear the brunt of damages caused by this flawed plan.

“It is negligent and reckless for Republicans to jam their health care plan through committees this week without having it reviewed by the non-partisan Congressional Budget Office to determine the impact on taxpayers and the federal deficit. Before a single vote is cast Americans deserve to know what this damaging plan will mean for the coverage they already have, the health care costs families will pay, and the quality of the health care plans that will be offered. Before acting hastily, Republican Members would do well to remember that before the ACA was enacted in 2010 there were 79 bipartisan hearings and markups held in the House, 181 witnesses from both sides of the aisle called upon to testify, and 239 amendments considered, with 121 accepted, to ensure Members, experts, and the American people were heard.”



  1. I guess Mark has forgotten or ignored the fact that the leader of their party Nancy Pelosi famously said that Democrats should “vote to approve Obamacare and we can find out what’s in the legislative bill later”!

    Dems are such hypocrites!!!

  2. Hello Mark,

    It is very importatnt that we would continue to IMPROVE and KEEP the ACA for the breakthrough plan that it is for our country. Both young people and old people are benifitting from this program. It was written by people both in Congress and in the health industry including doctors. It was written to be able to serve the needs of our citizens to keep people healthy and not to just be for a few people. Vouchers are not the way to go.Right now we have a plan that provides support for over 20,000 million people whodid not have health care before . Our country must stand up for all of us. We are all stronger together!

    • I completely agree with Barbara Diskowski. A fitting improvement would be adding the single payer concept much like Medicare. It is much more efficient than private insurance and it covers nearly everything. Medicare from cradle to grave would put this country on the right track for all its citizens which would bring this country to be a leader in excellent heath coverage.

  3. You defected from your old roots as a republican and converter to the liberal agenda for FINANCIAL and POLITICAL GAIN.
    I’ve known you for a long time and you’re proving that a Zebra can change it’s stripes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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