Congressman DeSaulnier’s Statement on Military Action in Syria


Washington, DC – On Friday, Congressman Mark DeSaulnier (CA-11) issued the following statement in response to President Trump’s announcement that the United States will carry out strikes in Syria in response to a chemical weapons attack brought by Assad’s regime on Syrian civilians.

 “The military situation in Syria is incredibly complex, but Assad’s heinous use of chemical agents on Syria’s civilian population must be met with a strong response. I am grateful that we are partnering with our French and British allies as we carry out these attacks.”


  1. Every gun that is made, every warship launched, every rocket fired signifies, in the final sense, a theft from those who hunger and are not fed, those who are cold and are not clothed.
    This world in arms is not spending money alone. It is spending the sweat of its laborers, the genius of its scientists, the hopes of its children. The cost of one modern heavy bomber is this: a modern brick school in more than 30 cities. It is two electric power plants, each serving a town of 60,000 population. It is two fine, fully equipped hospitals. It is some fifty miles of concrete pavement. We pay for a single fighter with a half-million bushels of wheat. We pay for a single destroyer with new homes that could have housed more than 8,000 people. . . . This is not a way of life at all, in any true sense. Under the cloud of threatening war, it is humanity hanging from a cross of iron.

    • It was Eisenhower’s “Chance for Peace” speech. Unfortunately the ones for war, are usually never the ones fighting them. Instea, our young citizens go on the front lines for rich suits (War Pigs by Black Sabbath) and special interests that don’t give a damn about them besides asinine “thoughts and prayers” if anything happens to them. If continued education and health care was more affordable in this country, military enlistment would drop drastically as we know these are key motivators in joining. True patriotism is not blindly wanting war, it’s also preserving the livelihood and quality of life of our fellow Americans, and war is quite the opposite of this.

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