Concord: Vehicle Crash Sparks Vegetation Fire on Kirker Pass


At 12:37 pm Tuesday, Contra Costa County Fire Protection District firefighters responded to a report of a vehicle off the roadway crash on Kirker Pass Road near Hess Road in the City of Concord.

While responding, it was reported the vehicle had ignited a vegetation fire and CONFIRE reported smoke showing.

Engine 8 arrived on scene in the westbound direction and reported a vehicle fully involved with a quarter-acre grass with the fire backing up to a fire break.

Check back for updates.


  1. I passed this coming northbound, it looked like the car had a bunch of stuff inside of it that could have interfered with the driver, I suggest getting a truck next time.

  2. I’ve noticed that most of the time if there is a traffic mishap, it is in the Hess Road area. Overall, Kirker Pass is a death trap! People drive way too fast uphill and then go totally nuts going downhill! The 55 mph speed there should be lowered and I’d like greater police presence on that road. Which law enforcement agency is responsible for Kirker Pass?

  3. Agree 55 mph hour limit on Kirker Pass Road should be reduced to 45 mph and no large trucks should be permitted period. Coming down that hill into Pittsburg us dangerous at the bottom of the hill. No drainage at the top of the hill in the rain. Whomever built that road flunked engineering. I am tired of seeing people die.

  4. Yes! Kirker Pass was designed by a traffic engineering dropout! The hill is far too steep and should be cut down considerably! Many people just ride their breaks going downhill in both directions instead of putting the car in second gear to help slow it down. The speed limit should be lowered and truck should not be allowed on that road.

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