Brentwood Police Arrest Two Females in Stolen Vehicle, Possession of Stolen Property


The Brentwood Police Department announced the arrest of two females who were traveling through the City in a stolen vehicle on September 1.

According to police, officers located the vehicle and conducted a traffic enforcement stop, which resulted in the arrest of two females. While searching the stolen vehicle, officers located numerous bags filled with stolen clothing, perfume, makeup and a magnetic clothing tag remover.

Tyisha Edwards, 30yrs (Pittsburg) and Lavaughna Manuel, 25yrs (Antioch) were taken into custody without incident and booked into county jail for possession of a stolen vehicle, possession of stolen property, possession of burglary tools and probation violations.


  1. Well that’s two less ghetto rats roaming east county and stealing everything in sight. At least for a couple of days that is.

  2. ECT, I didn’t see an article regarding the tunnels. I know it’s off base to this article but time is of the essence.

    Moonbeam is attempting to back door approval for the tunnels and the proposed meeting is Tuesday. Everyone needs to call 916-319-2063 and say No To Tunnels, then call 916-651-4039 and say the same to Sacramento.

    Do it before Saturday, It’s very important !!


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