Brentwood: CHP Nabs Suspect After 100-MPH Stolen Vehicle Pursuit


On Friday, the California Highway Patrol announced the arrest of multiple suspects in a stolen vehicle that led police on a 100-mph pursuit from the city of Brentwood into Central Contra Costa County.

Brentwood Police have not yet released information and the suspects names have not yet been released.

Here is the information provided by CHP:

This evening, at approximately 6:32pm, CHP was advised that Brentwood Police Department had just discontinued a pursuit of a stolen vehicle (tan Cadillac Escalade) on westbound Hwy-4.

CHP got into position and our CHP Unit spotted the Cadillac as it passed him just west of Railroad Avenue at about 6:44pm. The Cadillac was speeding in excess of 100mph and recklessly using all lanes of traffic. Our CHP Unit kept the Cadillac within sight and followed the Cadillac until it exited onto Solano Avenue.

CHP maintained a safe distance while keeping the Cadillac within sight and waiting for additional assistance. The Officer observed the Cadillac had suffered a flat rear tire as it got back onto Hwy-4 westbound from Pacheco Blvd. And just as it did, the Contra Costa Sheriffs helicopter was overhead with an eye in the sky on the Cadillac.

Once our CHP unit initiated the traffic enforcement stop, the Cadillac continued to flee and exited at Morello Avenue. It attempted to return to the freeway but the blown tire was catastrophic and stopped on the shoulder.

A passenger attempted to run from the vehicle but with the assistance of Contra Costa Sheriff’s deputies that suspect was caught immediately and the other suspects of the Cadillac were taken into custody without further incident.

Thanks to the combined effort of the City of Brentwood – Police Department, CONTRA COSTA SHERIFF-OFFICIAL PAGE, and CHP, The suspects were taken into custody without further incident, injuries, or major property damage.

The full investigation of this incident is being handled by the Brentwood Police Department. For any further information regarding the identity any of the in custody suspects, contact Brentwood Police Department



  1. Now will Jerry Brown and the DA honor the hard work of these officers and keep these guys locked up and off the streets? Or, will these officers have to risk their lives again to catch and release the same criminals over and over again?

    • Unfortunately jerry and our state legislators have different views and pet projects that they care more about than our officers, or us. Buying votes is one, to keep their prestigious jobs and benefits. Only in America this shit happens over and over

  2. It’s great to hear CHP is catching a few of these 100MPH speeders close to the Antioch City Limit sign (i typically see them eastbound). I see them every day commuting from Concord. Fatalities waiting to happen if left unchecked. As to how long they can expect to be in jail that’s another issue outside CHP control. The certainty of being caught is typically enough to deter regardless.

    • Upon further review, more of a handoff from Brentwood PD. Either way hope my comment raises more awareness of this extremely dangerous trend re: eastbound traffic into Antioch. Interesting that it’s a tan SUV. Is that the new hot “color” IIRC, tan SUV was also used in the Wells Fargo robbery.

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