Attorney General Becerra: We Will Vigorously Oppose Drilling Off of California’s Coast


SACRAMENTO – Attorney General Xavier Becerra today issued the following statement after President Trump directed the U.S. Department of the Interior to study new oil and natural gas drilling off the coast of California:

“We will vigorously oppose new drilling off the shores of our coast. California is leading the way in clean energy production and policies that preserve our state’s pristine natural resources. Instead of taking us backwards, the federal government should work with us to advance the clean energy economy that’s creating jobs, providing energy and preserving California’s natural beauty.”

According to,

President Donald Trump will open the door to new oil and natural gas drilling in Pacific waters off the coast of California with a directive Friday that sets up a certain clash with environmentalists.

Trump will order the Interior Department to review locations for offshore oil and gas exploration and consider selling drilling rights in territory that former President Barack Obama put off limits, according to people briefed on the order who spoke on the condition of anonymity before it is issued. That includes U.S. Pacific waters, as well as Arctic and Atlantic acreage left out of the five-year schedule of lease sales issued by Obama in November.


  1. This guy is an Idiot Stick. He is putting California first in line for having our Federal funding cut to zero.

    His political career is now one and done!

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