Antioch: County Hazmat to Work Throughout Night to Clean Up Mercury Contamination

Photo by Danielle Flowers

Contra Costa County Hazmat will be working through the night to clean up as many as 8-mercury contamination spills reported in the 2200 block of Manzanita Way in Antioch.

According to Seth Heller, a hazardous materials specialist with Contra Costa Hazmat, the mercury spill was first reported by a resident who was going to work on a trailer vehicle around 10:15 am. Upon arrival of County Hazmat, they noticed additional spills.

“We noticed there were 6 or 7 areas up and down the street. We used up our resources pretty quickly so we had to call our state and federal partners to assist,” said Heller. “We are currently waiting on resources and will be working through the night.”

Heller explained that the spills range from 1-vehicel length to the largest spill being 8-vehicle lengths long, however, there is no need for a shelter in place.

Heller says right now the road is closed at Manzanita Way between Sycamore and Mahogany Way because they do not want vehicles driving over it, but cars can park and walk to their homes as the sidewalks are open. There is also no health threat to humans.

As for what caused the contamination, Heller says they have theories but cannot confirm anything as of 5:30 pm.

Resources are coming from Oakland and Sacramento to assist.

Check back for updates.



  1. Not only do we have to worry about criminals, rapists, child molesters, but now mercury contamination.

    Gotta love Antioch!

  2. That amount of mercury in a residential area is most likely from a meth lab. A property is instantly a hazardous waste site. There are probably over a hundred such sites in Antioch.

  3. Wish Antioch haters would just pack it up and move your hypocrite asses out..but then again some people just are not happy unless they are crying about something.

  4. I wish all the Antioch haters would just pack up their hypocrite self’s and move out…

    • No one is a Antioch hater dummy. There is lots of problems here and the thugs that have moved in last decade are problem. The people who have lived here their whole lives are sick of it and most of it is by ghetto section 8 tweekers and thugs period. So why don’t you pack your “self’s” and move out and do us all a favor. Learn proper English while you’re at it. I’s selves not self’s, you’re welcome for 2nd grade lesson

      • Thank you for the laugh and the odd English lesson. If you’re going to correct somebody else’s grammar, you could at least make sure you don’t butcher the language while you’re doing it.

        • Anon too is a thug sympathizer and section 8 lover, he defends them every post. Typical liberal. Now he is going to say how do I know he’s a liberal. Well, because again you are defender of illegals, thugs, criminals, section 8

          • I don’t recall ever defending thugs or criminals. I do think that a blanket condemnation of Section 8 is stupid, but I don’t live in your bubble.

            I did once think about voting Repugnican, but realized it wasn’t worth the required lobotomy.

      • Been here 27 years champ. It has changed drastically but just complaining does nothing. I choose to stay and fight. Physically and politically.

  5. Remember folks, section 8 is the greatest thing to happen to any city. Section 8 increases home values and makes the community safer. Just look at all the jobs section 8 has brought to our community. We have more Autozones than any surrounding city. Forget those ghetto Apple stores they have in other cities. Autozone and Popeyes chicken stores is the way to go.

    It’s so great in Antioch that every time we need to go to the grocery store there is no need to find a shopping cart. Usually there is one conveniently located in front of most homes, parks, and streets. Now that’s convenience!

  6. Antioch has had a meth problem for longer than a decade, so don’t try to act like this is something new! Just google meth and East County. You want to stereotype Section 8 participants and call them “thugs”, which is code what group typically uses meth? here’s an excerpt from East County article.
    “What you are seeing,” says Stalcup, “is young people on the fast track. They think they need speed to maintain their high-energy lifestyle. I get a steady clientele from Silicon Valley. The dirty little secret about Silicon Valley is they demand more of you than a human can produce. They’re working 60 to 70 hours a week. And the way they do it is to stay lit.”

    The soccer moms have a similar agenda but with a twist. There is nothing like methamphetamine for losing weight. Stalcup says typically a friend gives one of the moms a few lines to snort like cocaine and she not only has energy to burn — let’s clean that bathroom before we pick up the kids — but the pounds just melt away.
    “Soccer Moms on Crank.”

    Sounds like a tease for one of those Jerry Springer talk shows, doesn’t it?

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