Antioch: 1 Man Rescued Out of Delta Waters, 1 Man Still Missing

On Saturday morning at approximately 8:25, Contra Costa County Marine Patrol deputies heard a distress call on the radio. It was reported that two men had fallen off a boat near the Antioch Bridge and were struggling in the water.
Marine Patrol units responded immediately and within minutes arrived on scene.
A deputy located one of the victims who was pulled out of the water by a passing boater. The other boater was missing. The boaters were apparently at the time attempting to set an anchor to fish when their boat was hit by a wake causing both to fall overboard. Both of them were not wearing life jackets.
According to Contra Costa County Fire,  CCCSO Marine 10 met with a recreational fishing boat and took one of two boaters to the marina for evaluation.  That victim refused treatment at the gas dock of Laurenzen’s Marina and was released.
All units were committed for the length of the incident.  An investigation by CCCSO was conducted.  During this incident there were no injuries to Firefighters and 1 citizen.  At this time 1 citizen is still missing.
The missing boater is not being identified at this time. An extensive area search by Coast Guard helicopters, state Fish and Wildlife, and Contra Costa Fire and Sheriff’s Office patrol vessels was suspended at about 3:30 PM. He was not located.
Anyone with any information on this missing boater is asked to contact the Contra Costa County Office of the Sheriff at 925-646-2441.


  1. We just saw the helicopter again about a half hour ago, so I don’t think the search was totally abandoned.

  2. Unless people have spent some time on the water around the Antioch bridge, they have no concept of how swift the current is there and how the conditions can change from flat calm to four foot chop and white caps in an instant, also there is a main shipping lane through there and no speed limit so ship and boat wakes can be quite big at times. Boating in general is potentially dangerous and many inexperienced people put there life at risk by not following safety procedures and and learning basic boating skills before venturing into open water. I feel bad for the missing boater and his family, when things go wrong on the water they go really, really wrong in an instant, be careful out there.

    • Yes, I used to live in Tahoe. Watch out when the “black line” works its way from the CA to NV side around 4-5 PM every day. That’s when the white caps start, and you might have to deal with 3-4 waves out in the middle of the lake. Early morning to about 3 is the best time on the lake. First thing in the morning in the summer, the lake is flat as glass.

  3. Life jacket, life jacket, life jacket! …and a cord from your life jacket to the kill switch on the ignition. The
    Delta is so beautiful and can be so treacherous. Safety first over comfort!!!

  4. NEVER go on any fishing expedition without wearing your LIFE JACKET! Don’t bring any booze with you either.

  5. Any update on this story? Have the names of the survivor and the missing fisherman been released?

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