Home Podcast WTF California: Lafayette Mourns a Hero as Antioch School District Villain Destroys All Integrity

WTF California: Lafayette Mourns a Hero as Antioch School District Villain Destroys All Integrity

by ECT

On this episode of WTF California Podcast, we open up with moment of silence for the Lafayette middle school crossing guard who sacrificed his life to save students. We then jump into the mess known as the Antioch Unified School District Board of Trustees where shenanigans were pulled last night and all integrity is now gone. 3,100 acres of State Park coming to Livermore, Eggs thrown at Larry Elder, Los Angeles School Board could vote on mandatory vaccines to enter campus for all 12-and up. Plus more from around the State of California.


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Antioch Resident Sep 9, 2021 - 8:15 am

I am looking for parents/individuals in the city of Antioch to fight for our children and our rights against the mask mandate, and Vaccine push for those who do not want it. Our kids should not be muzzled with masks that do not work, and in fact actually do harm. I have an affidavit from a leading expert in the field of Toxicology and Industrial Hygiene that goes into detail on how and why the masks do nor work. He also has podcasts on Rumble. “Petty Podcast” Anyone who reads or watches this information cannot logically defend the use of surgical, cloth, and n95 facemasks as useful for protection against viruses. Even osha recognizes that cloth, and surgical masks do not work. On page 1 they say use facemasks, but on page 6 they tell you that facemasks do not work and they are not a form of PPE. Look for yourself at https://www.osha.gov/coronavirus/control-prevention
The school district is likely getting funds for making sure masks are implemented. If there is anyone that is interested in seeing the actual science studies that prove what I am saying you can email me at [email protected] There was a federal lawsuit and TRO filed in Ohio against the Mayfield school board for the masking of children.

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