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World Record Set for Shucking Corn

by ECT

659 folks came together Saturday to set a new world record for shucking corn at the same time during Brentwood’s CornFest.  Having been one of 659, I must admit the event was pretty awesome! Kudos go out to Cornfest chairman Dirk Zeigler and to everyone who participated as new world record holders once its officially confirmed.

Congressman Jerry McNerney and Supervisor Mary Piepho also participated in the World Record and served as designated witnesses as they handed out corn to each participate.

Rick Lemyre of the Brentwood Press said it best in his article on the event by stating “it should soon be back on American soil” in his reference to the previous record of a July 10 event in British Columbia.

Meanwhile, the Contra Costa Times provided some nice pictures of the event on their website. Below are ones I took while in the pin and after the event.


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