“Whitener Girls” Raise $1,690 in Fathers Memory


whitener and girls

It’s time to give Ben Whiteners two daughters and everyone who donated to Ella and Catherine Whitener a big round of applause for a job well done in fundraising for the The Jump Rope for the Heart Program at Brentwood Elementary School.

Although the campus did not allow me to go and take pictures of this morning event, I am proud to report courtesy of Tish Whitener, Ella raised $855 and Catherine raised $835 far surpassing their goals of $500 combined.

The girls set out to fund raise in honor of their father Ben who passed away December 30 at the age of 35 from cardiac arrest. The former fire fighter was known as a “community first” kind of guy as he fought fires before his career ended too soon with an injury and later found his second calling as a teacher where he changed the lives of many students while always promoting public safety.

Kudos again to Ella and Catherine Whitener!

Photos courtesy of Tish Whitener


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