Wednesday: Sean Wright to Host “Magic of Keto” Seminar


Chiropractor Sean Wright will be hosting a “Magic of Keto” lunchtime Seminar on August 29 in the City of Antioch.

On Wednesday, the one hour session is free where he will go over a proper outline of the diet while providing some basic tips and tricks on how you can succeed.

Wright is hosting the event after he lost 57 lbs in one year after embracing the ketogenic diet and began teaching weekly classes.

“One year ago I was Pre-Diabetic with labs showing a fatty liver and not very health,” said Wright. “My wife was studying to earn her Masters degree in nutrition and came upon a new way of eating that she believed was exactly what I needed.”

Wright says he has battled weight issues for 15-years and tried everything from Weight Watchers to Nutri-System to Medi-fast and others. He says he would lose weight only to have it return.

He says keto has changed his life and be able to do more activities. He now is working to share the keto diet with as many people as possible to help others change their lifestyle. He admits the lifestyle change may not be for everyone, but explained he wants others to at least have an opportunity to see what it is about.

Space is limited, click here to RSVP.

For more on Dr. Wrights program, you may follow him on Facebook:

Date & Time:
Wed, August 29, 2018
12:00 PM – 1:00 PM PDT

3428 Hillcrest Ave # 200
Antioch, CA 94531


  1. Isnt he MAYOR Sean Wright? Shouldn’t he be conducting official City of Antioch Mayoral business instead of promoting the newest version of Atkins? This is my tax dollars at work?!

    • You do realize that being mayor of Antioch is a part time gig and Dr. Wright, D.C. has the right to do as he pleases on his own time.

  2. He is a doctor and a free citizen as well as mayor. As long as the city approves of what he is doing go for it. I don’t personally think he should take advantage of his position but he doesn’t need my permission.

  3. The Paleo diet can severely damage your kidneys. My brother, who is a physician (MD), is very much against and has seen the damage ketosis can do. You maintain your desired weight by portion control and exercise.

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