Wallet Hub: Best & Worst California Cities for Finding a Job


On Thursday, Wallet Hub released its list for the best and worst cities to look for a job in the State of California.

Although California peaked at 12.2 percent unemployment during the financial crisis, it now stands at 4.1 percent today. They also say the median household income in California in 2018 was $64,500.

WalletHub compared 254 cities in the state across 16 key metrics. Our data set ranges from monthly median starting salary to employment growth to housing and transportation costs.

The top 10 included:

City (Job Market Rank / Social-economics rank)

  1. San Ramon, CA (2/8)
  2. Palo Alto, CA (1/71)
  3. Danville, CA (9/2)
  4. Los Gatos, CA (3/50)
  5. Santa Clara, CA (4/38)
  6. Pleasanton, CA (16/6)
  7. Rancho Santa Margarita, CA (12/12)
  8. Livermore, CA (11/21)
  9. Los Altos, CA (10/25)
  10. Morgan Hill, CA (8/53)

Contra Costa County Cities

1. San Ramon (2/8)
3. Danville (9/2)
33. Walnut Creek (25/88)
58. Martinez (104/31)
75. Brentwood (101/55)
86. Pleasant Hill (63/117)
108. Concord (64/150)
133. Oakley (162/64)
157. Antioch (132/192)
176. Pittsburg (163/190)
188. Richmond (124/239)

A total of 254 cities were listed.

According to the numbers, the City of Oakley ranked 4rd with the highest monthly average starting salary while Pittsburg ranked 5th.  Danville ranked 4th in highest median annual income (adjusted cost of living).

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