Video: Pittsburg Police Hold Drivers License and DUI Checkpoint


On Friday May 3, the Pittsburg Police Department held a Drivers License and DUI Checkpoint on Railroad Avenue in the City of Pittsburg.

The night included many driving without a drivers license, without insurance… many DUI sobriety tests, and even one man on a warrant who fought with police which we caught on camera.

Pittsburg Police Lieutenant Brian Matthews said they do a checkpoint do ensure drivers are safe and sober as well as licensed. He called the detail a very “limited scope” where they are looking for valid drivers licensed and are safe or not.

“Between 2016 to 2018, there were 92 DUI related traffic collisions and this Railroad corridor had about 20 percent of those,” said Matthews. “That is why we are conducting this checkpoint here; we have had success in the past and hoping to have success tonight.”

This is a short recap of the nearly 5-hour DUI Checkpoint.


  • 1,171 Vehicles Screen
  • 1 DUI Arrest (alcohol)
  • 1 DUI Arrest (drugs)
  • 1 warrant arrest
  • 1 felony threatening an officer arrest
  • 24 citations for no license
  • 2 citations for driving on suspended license
  • 2 vehicle impounds for no license
  • 3 vehicle tows for driver arrested
  • 2 SFST’s performed.


  1. The should also set up a checkpoint on Cinco de Mayo itself and catch the Mexican drunks! It would probably be good to hold it on Saturday itself. Every city should set up some traps and get the drunks off the streets.

    • It’s hard to make sense of your babble. Funny how you posted a racial barb, but type like English is your second language. Go clean the windows in your glass house, idiot!

      • I don’t clean nor cook. Nick! I have people who do it for me and I pay them well. And …. English is my FOURTH language. Just so you know! I’m not a housewife!, Captain! I also do not take any meds! I think you”re the one who probably takes meds in droves!

      • Did you see that one Mexican DUI suspect having to go through the paces? FUNNY, but he had a shirt with the words “WITH SAFETY IN MIND” printed on the back! He was suspected of a DUI and obviously didn’t take that saying to heed! Obviously, something he did caused the PD to have him go through the test.

      • How many languages do YOU speak, Nick? I suspect it’s only one and you don’t speak it very well.

      • Hey Nick! I am looking for someone to clean my gutters and toilets! Maybe I should hire you but you’ll have to do it with your TONGUE!

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          • This is all the confirmation I need that there is more than one Nick here. Hey Nick – go easy on the ladies.

  2. THANK YOU, PITTSBURG OFFICERS! Good job! Next time, have the BIGGEST police dog or two so they could plant a nice juicy bite on these resisters.

  3. The guy with the PMI tee shirt got screwed, all the field sobriety gymnastics, then they make him blow, and then they say “good, you can go”. Thank you government officials.

    • KB … THE best field sobriety test appears in a Steve Martin film, “The Man With Two Brains” (1983). If you can find the film, it will blow your mind. It’s worth watching just for that one, long scene. You’ll never forget it and it’s unlike anything ever seen. Maybe the police departments should study that film.

  4. To the constant cop bashers. The police trying to keep our roads safe for all of us. My father was killed by a multple repeat offender drunk driver. I pray no one else ever loses a loved one. Please don’t drink then drive.

  5. My father was a Pittsburg Police officer for 30 years. He would say ” if you act like a gentleman, I’ll treat you like a gentleman “. That guy acted like an ass. He got aggressive then complains he’s being treated wrong. Typical.

  6. James Toscareno! Our police officers are our heroes! No two ways about it. We should thank our lucky stars we have them to protect us and enforce our laws! Without them, our society would be in chaos. If we’re getting food and see police officers in line for same, we pick up the check for their meals and we thank them for what they do. They risk their lives for us.

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