Antioch Police: 48-Year-Old Motorcyclist Dies After Crash


At 5:25 pm Sunday, the Antioch police Department responded to a report of a motorcycle crash in the 600 block of E 18th Street near Terrace Drive in the City of Antioch.

Upon arrival, the motorcyclist was pronounced deceased on scene by firefighters and AMR.

Antioch Police have shutdown the E. 18th Street in both directions and it is anticipated to be closed for several hours after the motorcycle was split in half and the motorcyclists reportedly hit a pole.

Antioch Police said the motorcyclist was 48-years-old and excessive speed appears to be a contributing factor.

According to an eye witness, they said he observed two motorcyclists racing eastbound on E. 18th prior to the crash when one of them lost control and crashed.

Check back for updates.


  1. Hey Yo. Get a grip on reality. Great reporting, hopefully the truth will save some lives! Good job cameraman, sure it’s not easy!

  2. Yo-yo face, why are you mad? They are just reporting the news. Unless you have a valid reason for striking him in the nuts please let us know. We all come on this page for local breaking news. He/she is definitely delivering the news way faster than cable and they are not distasteful about it.

  3. Someone had lost their life and these idiots are talking shit about nonsense! Who cares who smokes what! What does that have to do with this story! Your hella stupid and your mom should have learned to swallow!

    • He CHOSE to get involved in a dangerous stunt which has proven in the past to cause death in many instances. Yes! He lost his life but that was his choice! Keep on swallowing, Michelle!

  4. Yo what is wrong with you? You must have a sad little life! Someone died and you want to talk crap about someone like that! You would be the perfect poster child for women need to learn to swallow!

    • This guy made a conscious CHOICE to get into a dangerous race in an area where many people are driving and he has endangered them and paid the price for his choices! Yes! If you make such a decision there is a very good chance that you might die and maybe others will too.

  5. Disrespectful . I’m related to the guy who died which I also lost his older brother which I have a son by. You wouldn’t like if you lost a family member and someone was having fun with unnecessary joking comments. Just wrong to act like that. Sad world .

    • I am so sorry for your loss. When I saw it happen I immediately started praying for him & his family. I’m so sorry that your son not only lost his father but now his uncle. He was racing another biker who just fled after the crash. I don’t know if they new each other or just happened to be at the stop light at the same time.
      I will keep you & your family in my prayers.

    • No one is making joking comments, Cindy! This is very serious! If someone drives so recklessly and with such speed and abandon that crashing makes the vehicle break in two, this is nothing to joke about. Many people could have died. I saw people with small children in their cars as did my wife and I – and he could have run his bike into them. Luckily, we got there after the crash after the police shut down that street in both directions.

  6. Well, sorry for your lose but they did put others lives at jeopardy. There is no need to race down 18th street acting like morons. Don’t come on here looking for sympathy or kind comments, because they are few and far between. Have a great day

  7. Sorry about your loss. The world is full of disturbed people, just so disrespectful they use something like this to show they’re lame ass. Rest In Peace Dude

    • TLC, the world is also sick and tired of irresponsible people who pull stunts like that pose a great danger to those of us who are law-abiding. You’d think someone who has reached the age of 48 would know better!

      • Anyone who ever visited Antioch and wondered why the younger generation is so dumb,just take a look at who their role models are lol

    • I have no respect whatsoever for someone who jeopardizes the lives of others by pulling a stupid and extremely dangerous stunt like this “dude” did. The bottom line is that SPEED KILLS!

    • TLC, the “disturbed” people are those who risk other peoples’ lives by engaging in dangerous behavior.

  8. Sunday late afternoon, we were heading for dinner when saw that the E. 18 Street was shut down due to a crash! This guy must have been doing at an extremely high rate of speed for his bike to be cut in half! It takes a lot of force for that to happen. He was endangering the lives of many others on that street which has a high amount of traffic. What was he THINKING? Or maybe he wasn’t. How many times has he done that? Probably wasn’t the first time! Now, his actions have removed him from our society. Time for a DARWIN AWARD, First Class!

    • The Darwin Awards recognize individuals who have contributed to human evolution by selecting themselves out of the gene pool via death or sterilization by their own actions.

  9. By making the decision to race at high speeds in an area which has a lot of traffic especially at that time of the day, this man endangered the lives of others and paid the price for it. Let this be a lesson to others of that ilk who make such decisions.

  10. I’ve seen this type of extremely dangerous activity in this town when I’ve had to drive through it. You take your life in your hands and do whatever you can to avoid them, like turning into a side street and working on finding another route out. Sometimes, that can’t be done. Didn’t some idiot lose his life recently racing his bike on 10th Street? And then there are those who run into trees or walls! Is it really worth speeding and wind up losing your life and/or your limbs?

  11. For all you trash talking negative people with no empathy for the deceased mans family & friends. Because your so perfect and have never done nothing wrong in your life. It don’t give you any right to run your cock traps on here and disrespect the mans friends and family with your unethical and pathetic comments. If there ever comes a time when your standing in their shoes. Maybe you’ll then realize how it feels to lose a loved one. Especially in such a horrific death. So when others show you no compassion for your loved ones unfortunate death. Don’t you dare wonder why. I bet you wouldn’t make comments like this if this was your family or friend. Accidents happen. Nobody else was hurt other then those who loved him and were left behind to morn his loss.

    • This was NO ACCIDENT, Baby Girl! This man did this ON PURPOSE! It was his CHOICE to gun that bike at a phenomenal high speed to the point that it broke his bike in two! He is responsible for his own HORRIFIC death! His relatives and friends should have warned him repeatedly that this could happen. The guy was pushing 50! You’d think at such an advance age, he would have learned something?

      It was SHEER LUCK that one one else was hurt or killed thanks to this guy’s stupid decision! But people sure came close to it.

      So you admit he did something WRONG! If any of my family members or relatives would pull such a stunt which put them and mostly OTHERS in grave danger, you bet I wouldn’t be sympathetic to him. Stop making excuses for gross irresponsible behavior!

  12. “Friends don’t let friends drive drunk” and “Friends and relatives don’t let their loved one do things to endanger themselves and others” — As to someone being perfect? That depends on how you define perfection! We have the right …… and the obligation ….. to point out dangerous behavior and what it can cause. It’s the most ethical thing to do because it might wake up some people who could learn from this tragedy!

    I have stood in their shoes and had deaths occur in my family. One on 9/11 when a cousin was incinerated on the 93rd floor of the World Trade Center! A young man of 24 with the promises of a great life and career who was on his first job with Kantor/Fitzgerald! I know very well what it feels to lose a loved one and he didn’t even die crashing his bike, but died thanks to the members of the “religion of peace” who flew a plane into that building.

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