Video: 5-Hour Police Standoff Ends With 1 in Custody After Shots Fired Call in Pittsburg


At 11:00 am Friday, the Pittsburg Police Department responded to a family disturbance at a home on School Street near Vincent St in the City of Pittsburg where a male walked outside armed with two handguns and began firing them into the air.

Police responded and quickly located the individual who went inside and was reportedly under the influence. Police utilized drone technology to observe the scene overhead. The Pittsburg SWAT team responded and mobilized to take the suspect into custody.

Before making entry after getting a warrant, the subject came outside, but still did not cooperate with authorities.

The subject began walking away before police took him to the ground and into custody without incident around 4:00 pm.


Pittsburg Police are expected to release additional information later Friday evening.

UPDATE Via Pittsburg Police

Just before 11:00 this morning, Pittsburg officers were called to a residence in the 600 block of School Street in regards to a man armed with a gun.  Prior to officers arriving on scene, dispatch advised that the man had two handguns and had fired several rounds.

When they arrived, they contacted family members who said there was an argument and when they approached the man’s home he came out armed with two handguns.   There was a brief struggle for the handguns before he fired several rounds towards a victim.  Fortunately, no was one was shot.  Everyone involved left the area of the home. The victim called 911.  The suspect was seen driving away in his car.

Within minutes, officers located the man’s car parked back in front of his residence on School Street.  Officers learned of his identity and called his cell phone.  He refused to exit the home and denied being involved in the incident.   For the next several hours, officers continued to attempt to speak with the man and have him come out peacefully.  Detectives with the Investigations Division authored a Search and Arrest Warrant for the man and the residence. Shortly after 4:00 P.M., the Pittsburg Police Department Tactical Team responded to the scene to serve the warrant.  But, within moments of the tactical team’s arrival, the man exited the home and was taken into custody without further incident.


  1. He had TWO guns and was shooting into the air? And the cops just stood there? WTF???? This is an example where he should have been TAKEN OUT IMMEDIATELY … or sooner! Wasting five hours trying to “negotiate” with a crazy is a waste of time for the cops and the neighbors!

    • You must be a SWAT team member as you sound like an expert. What department do you work for? Oh, no? Your comments are then from many years as a patrol officer or federal agent I guess? Or does your expertise come from watching movies, TV and from playing XBox? Ya, that is what I thought. Yap, hap, Yap goes the little lap dog.

      • Hey David Greditzer! It might be beneficial if you put down that bottle of cheap swill and engage yourself in something more useful.

    • Christopher, I totally agree! FIVE HOUR standoff? Ridiculous! This should have been taken care of within minutes!

    • The cops should have lobbed a couple of M84’s into that house and flushed him out. If he came out with guns blazing, that should have been the end of it. Five hours wasted trying to solve this problem? That’s totally ridiculous and a waste of time and effort.

    • Christopher Keller this newly created position might be right up your alley:

      Keeping in line with the restructuring of the Sheriff’s Office, we have created a new division within the department. Effective immediately, citizens will be able to earn this Walker County Sheriff’s Office (Walker County, Alabama) Keyboard Warrior badge anytime they use social media to post something that’s absolutely ridiculous. We will no longer engage in fruitless back and forth arguing with people who say ridiculous things. We will simply issue the badge, and move along. The criteria to qualify as a WCSO Keyboard Warrior is as follows:

      🔸Absolutely no law enforcement experience whatsoever

      🔸The ability to completely ignore factual information and continually operate in the world of fiction and/or the past

      🔸The ability to form your own ridiculous opinion and then force that opinion down other people’s throats, no matter how many times you’re proved wrong.

      🔸Must know how to do everyone’s job better than they do, even though you’ve never done them

      🔸The ability to NEVER admit you’re wrong, even when there is glaring evidence that you are, indeed, wrong

      🔸The ability to talk passionately about things you heard from someone else and/or just completely made up in your own head

      🔸Must have an appallingly closed mind with the inability to accept positive change and to always point out the negative in any situation

      We look forward to identifying our local Keyboard Warriors and can’t wait to make even more of our citizens feel like a part of our department.

  2. The police who were pussyfooting this piece of scum, were most probably needed to enforce the law elsewhere! Instead they were stuck babysitting! Where did those bullets he was shooting into the air land? What if they killed people? A bullet has to land somewhere!

  3. I would have pulled out my service weapon and ended the situation before he starts pointing those guns at me.

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