Two 16-Year-Old Juveniles Who Fought, Brandished Firearm on Antioch High School Campus Arrested

Antioch Police Press Release


On February 20 at approximately 9:30 AM, Antioch police officers were called to the Antioch High School campus regarding a physical altercation between two juveniles. During the fight, one of the juveniles brandished a firearm.

As the fight continued, the firearm was discharged and fell to the ground. One of the juveniles picked up the firearm and fled on-foot away from the campus. The other involved juvenile also fled off campus.

As officers converged on the area, the juvenile who fled with the firearm was located and safely detained. The firearm used in the incident was not located. It was determined that no one was injured as a result of the firearm discharge. During the investigation, all the involved parties were identified.

The juvenile that fled with the firearm was booked into the juvenile hall in Martinez.

On Monday, (2/24) Antioch Police said the other involved juvenile (who originally brandished the firearm) was safely taken into custody in the City of Brentwood and will be booked in the juvenile hall. Currently, the investigation is still ongoing.

Anyone with information is asked to call the Antioch Police Department non-emergency line at (925)778-2441, or Detective Torres at 925-779-6925. You may also text-a -tip to 274637 (CRIMES) using the key word ANTIOCH


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  3. An honorable quarrel. Obviously feuding over who has the best grades, freshest ideas and most love for the teachers.

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