Tuesday Morning Highway 4 Chase May Involve Molestation Case



Around 8:00 am Tuesday morning, the Antioch Police Department entered a chase with a suspect who was fleeing. Police eventually took one subject into custody after the green van was stopped along eastbound Highway 4 at the Lone Tree Way exit.

According to radio airwaves this morning, the suspect fleeing from police is potentially involved in a molestation case. Antioch Police are currently not releasing any information at this time involving the molestation charges nor would they share how or where the incident began stating the matter is currently under investigation.

It should be noted, since the subject was headed towards Brentwood, Brentwood Police were called to lend an assist. Once the subject was stopped, Brentwood PD was released from the incident.

Check back for details and kudos to all the officers involved in bringing this subject into custody.

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  1. Thanks APD and East County Today (Burk). You both are kicking @ss and taking names!

    I think we all appreciate the hard work and dedication of the Antioch PD and the up to the minute reporting of East County Today. Keep it up fellas!

  2. Not good APD chasing a vehicle should only be done in an extreme case. No need to put any one else in danger. .

    • Seriously Charles?! Get your head out of the sand. They are doing their job, and a great job at that, considering the circumstances. They always put safety first. Did you not read the part about calling ahead for BPD? I’m sure that is for safety reason when you are in a high speed chase. Do you have children? I’m sure glad this guy is off the streets! You should be too…

  3. Great Job Antioch Police! Way to go by catching a fleeing violent predator in this extreme case before they get a chance to victimize any other innocent lives.

  4. These victims are my nephews and nieces they’re finally free and we will heal as a family now. Please pray

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