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Tri Delta Transit Awarded $4 Million Grant from FTA

by ECT

ANTIOCH, CA, – On March 14, 2022, Eastern Contra Costa Transit Authority (Tri Delta Transit) was awarded a $4 million grant as part of the FTA’s (Federal Transit Administration) Bus and Bus Facilities Program. The grant will be used to build a hydrogen fueling station at the Tri Delta Transit facility in Antioch.

Tri Delta Transit’s award is an important step toward reaching its goal of operating a 100% zero-emission bus fleet by 2036, four years ahead of the deadline set by the California Air Resources Board’s Innovative Clean Transit (ICT) regulation.

Tri Delta Transit has long been known for being innovative and forward thinking in eastern Contra Costa County.  Under CEO Jeanne Krieg’s leadership, Tri Delta Transit has been ahead of the game in areas such as green business certification, implementing computerized dispatch systems, operating on-demand bus transportation, and adopting apps for mobile ticketing, real-time route arrival information, hazard reporting, and passenger counts. In addition, Tri Delta Transit was an innovator in the electric bus field by adding four electric buses to its fleet in 2018.

CEO Jeanne Krieg states “Care for our community and the environment has always been a top priority for staff and the Board of Directors.  Being as environmentally conscious as possible is an important part of many of our decisions. This much-needed funding will make our plan to be 100% zero-emission a reality and will benefit our passengers, the communities we serve, and the planet.”   A request for proposal for a consulting service to assist with the design and installation for the hydrogen fueling station has been released.

“We look forward to a healthy and happy future while making use of all the amazing opportunities technology offers to improve the passenger experience – all while benefitting the earth,” says Ken Gray, chair of the Tri Delta Transit Board of Directors.

Tri Delta Transit’s grant was one of 70 in 39 states totaling $409.3 million. As a state, California communities will benefit from $77.5 million in grants that will be applied toward 14 projects. As a region, Tri Delta Transit is one of three transit agencies in the nine bay area counties that received a grant award. The others were Napa and the City of Santa Rosa to buy electric buses and the related infrastructure.Please visit the website www.trideltatransit.com for more information about Tri Delta Transit.

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