Thurmond Introducing Bill That Will Improve the Climate for LGBTQ Students in Schools

Press Release


Sacramento – Assemblymember Tony Thurmond (D- Richmond) is introducing legislation that will provide for the training of educators in support of LGBTQ students.

“During a recent town hall, I heard directly from students, administrators, educators, and LGBTQ leaders about the need for additional support for LGBTQ students,” Thurmond said. “There are resources available to make schools a safe place for LGBTQ students.  This bill will train educators in the availability of both school site and community-based support systems available to LBGTQ students.  All students deserve a safe and supportive school environment in which to learn.”

GLSEN’s 2015 National School Climate Survey showed that over 70 percent of students reported verbal harassment based on their sexual orientation. Nearly 30 percent reported physical harassment or assault based on their gender expression, and over 48 percent reported cyberbullying.

There are services that are available to students and educators such as peer support groups, affinity clubs, and other organizations. This bill will ensure educators are aware of these services so they can better connect students in need.

In addition, this bill will also provide for training in best practices for schools including anti-bullying and harassment policies, complaint procedures, and counseling services.

Community stakeholders with interest in this bill, please contact my Capitol office at 916-319-2015.  Equality California is the sponsor of this bill.

Assemblymember Tony Thurmond represents the 15th Assembly District, comprised of the cities of Albany, Berkeley, El Cerrito, El Sobrante, Emeryville, Hercules, Kensington, Piedmont, Pinole, Richmond, San Pablo, Tara Hills, and a portion of Oakland.


  1. Just another liberal trying to force schools to accept, support, and promote what is a perverted, sexual deviant, abnormal, unnatural, sick & disgusting homosexual lifestyle.

    If you are born a boy, guess what? Your a boy! If you are born a girl, guess what? Your a girl! Anyone choosing to change their gender is someone with serious mental, emotional, and psychological problems.

    Liberalism is a mental disorder!!!!!!!

  2. I just can’t understand why the Politicians float out with daily new laws that are unnecessary. When are they going to start rescinding out dated laws at the same pace. Even better yet, why don’t they float out with wasteful spending areas and brag about the savings they can make to us taxpayers?

  3. If they want to “improve the climate” – come to terms with the fact that gay people aren’t “born that way.” I’ve had gay people I work with (Nick – SF, Amy – San Ramon, etc.) come out and tell me it’s a “chosen lifestyle.” Saying they’re born that way – they’re trying to avoid discrimination, or they’re in denial. Being gay is a disliking of or fear of the opposite sex. Bi-sexual people shoot down the theory of being born that way. You can’t be born with half straight gene and half gay gene. Give me a break. If they’d be more honest with themselves as well as others – maybe people would have more respect for their community. Respect is like trust, it has to be earned. And nobody likes being lied to.

    • Phobia means being afraid of something. No one is afraid of homosexuals. We just say their lifestyle is unnatural and disgusting.

      Here’s a thought. Since Simonpure believes there’s nothing wrong with being a homosexual, let’s conduct a social experiment.

      What do you think will happen if you put gay men together on one continent and lesbian women on another continent with absolutely no means for them to interact?

      Answer: The extinction of the human race!

      The thought of two men engaging in a sexual act is the most disgusting act imaginable and two women having sex is equally sexual deviant behavior. Just NASTY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. I know most decent, straight people won’t bother to respond to people who have s**t for brains, but I can’t stand the idea of someone who may be gay, bi or trans reading these comments and thinking they are somehow represent how most people in this area think.

    Homosexuality is normal. Period. It occurs in nature. It’s not a “liberal disorder.” Even most conservatives now agree that homosexuals should be accepted and treated like anyone else:

    You people — and I mean anyone who says “two guys kissing is disgusting” or believe homosexuality is a choice — you know that you’re dinosaurs, right? That the world is changing and there is nothing you will be able to do about it… right? Good. Just making sure.

    • As stated by a homosexual who wants to normalize their perverted lifestyle.

      Let me guess, raped or molested by someone of the same sex and this traumatic event brainwashed you into believing that homosexuality is normal?

      People like you and Simonpure who believe this sickness is normal will also condone people marrying animals “as long as they love each other”! 🤣

      • Hate to burst your bubble head. Been married for 36 years and have children and grand children. I do however have friends and some family members that are gay. They are no different to me. I just respect their space. When you start worrying about others you lose track of yourself as clearly you have done. I prefer not to be a shallow individual. Peace and love GG

  5. There are more than a few people in the gay community (including LGBQT leaders) who say homosexuality is a chosen lifestyle. Identical twins is another example. I attended school with Gary and Greg (identical twins) and Gary is straight and Greg is gay. If they were “born that way” identical twins would either both be straight or both be gay. Think GENES.

    Here’s Nick’s reasoning for why he “chose his lifestyle.” He was married twice. After two bad marriages, he was “done with women.”

    Amy – she never liked men, and didn’t want to “go through life alone.” She claims sexuality is “fluid” (she’s correct) and became emotionally and sexually attracted to women.

    A friend I grew up with (Lisa) became a lesbian after being hurt by guys in high school. Her first lover (Beth) left her because Beth “wanted to get married and have children.” With a man.

    Homosexuality IS abnormal – and A CHOSEN LIFESTYLE. PERIOD!

  6. Thanks Melanie. Simonpure is well known on this website for being an anti-American, wacked Out nutcase. Nothing he says makes common sense 😉

  7. By the way Simonpure, I have a gay niece who also thought being gay was normal and is right now in a mental health facility after determining on her own that her perverse homosexual lifestyle destroyed her life and caused her mental breakdown.

    Like I said, homosexuality is a mental disorder! But being an anarchist you wouldn’t understand the difference between good & evil, right or wrong, or the concept of morality. In your bizzaro world, anything goes. People like you is why society is so screwed up!

      • Yes you are right, being an America hating progressive demagogue runs through your veins!

        By the way, share with the others how you have started repeatedly in over the past year in other posts how much you hate police officers, how everyone who serves in the military is a murderer, how people of faith are deranged lunatics, how is stupid to stand during our national anthem, and how the American flag 🇺🇸 represents racism.

        Come on Simonpure, let everyone know what kind of citizen are?

        • My son is a cop…I am a vet and the American flag is displayed on my home. Need I say more. You must have me confused with someone else. Have never posted those types of nonsense.

          • Nice try Simonpure but we both know your lying. Of course you won’t disparage your own son if he is a cop but given your history on these message boards you have demonstrated time and time again your intense hatred for anyone who doesn’t agree with your salacious and disturbing anti-American perverse liberal viewpoints.

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