Steve Smith Appointed Back onto East Contra Costa Fire Board, Bryant Resigns


On Tuesday, the Brentwood City Council appointed Steve Smith to the fill a vacancy on the East Contra Costa Fire Protection District Board of Directors after Vice Mayor Joel Bryant resigned.

Bryant submitted his resignation on February 22, 2018 and will go into effect on March 5. Bryant will still serve on the Brentwood City Council.

This is the second stint at being appointed to the fire board as he was originally appointed in January 2013. In 2015, the council opted not to re-appoint Smith and Greg Cooper and instead opted to place them with councilmembers Erick Stonebarger and Steve Barr.

Bryant explained his decision to resign had to do with the upcoming election in November.

“I was asked by numerous people as to why this change at this time, the reason is first of all is the fire district moving to an elected board which precludes an elected member from serving on two positions, so I would not be able to either serve the city of Brentwood on the council person or serve as a fire district elected official as well,” explained Bryant.

Bryant added that because the City of Brentwood has a sub-committee that would be working with the working group that includes the fire district, the county and the city of Oakley, he felt comfortable in the place that the district is at and the direction is headed.

“I feel very comfortable with Steven Smith,” said Bryant. “He has been a fire board member before and has a profound grasp of numbers and was a real asset to the district and everyone of Brentwood as a representative of us.”

Bryant added that this appointment was “appropriate” because of the learning curve required by the District. Smith will now serve on the fire board until the elected board is seated.

In November, the East Contra Costa Fire Protection District will be moving to an election. The size of the board is yet to be determined at 9-members or 5-members. Measure A will decide the size which mail-ballots are due by March 6, 2018.

The current Fire District Board consists of nine members: four from the City of Brentwood, three from the City of Oakley and two from the unincorporated County area, each residing within the District and the respective City limits being represented.


  1. OMG. One is dumb as a post and the other is a dumb as a sack of rocks. We gained nothing here, in fact we went backward.

    While we won’t have to sit through Joel’s Bryant’s crocodile tears any longer, we have a relic that doesn’t know the first thing about public policy of a fire department. Smith proved this the first time around which is why everyone was so pleased to see him go. Just another horrible decision by the inept fire board. Why should we expect anything different. SMH

  2. The stage is set for the upcoming vote. It will be interesting to see the people the public puts in office and the progress that should come in the next couple years. I think it’s a positive sign for the troubled district.

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