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Special Haven Looking for $5,000 in Donations

by Administrator

Earlier this week, Special Haven recieved word that  The Hidden Angel Foundation, a non-profit, will be helping the organization  fully build out their multi-sensory room which is such wonderful news.  The cost to build out the room is $32,000 and they will cover just about half.

According to the organization, they need to raise an additional $5,000 more to get all the work done to have a full funded project.

You can help them by visiting their webpage, www.specialhaven.org and making a $5 to $20 donation via PayPal, or join them at their Massage Marathon III event on November 4. Funds raised during this event  will go towards this room.

About Special Haven

Special Haven is bringing the multi-sensory room from vision to a reality.  They are a non-profit 501C3 organization who  help the underserved special needs community. They are providing a multi-sensory environment for the benefit of development of children and adults with Special needs in East County.

The Multi-Sensory room is now open for families to use with adult supervision, by appointment only 10am-5pm (Mon-Wed and Fri-Sat.  We are closed on Thurs and Sun.) To schedule time in the room please call (925) 777-9995.  To get more information about Special Haven please call us at (925) 222-5322 or email us at [email protected].

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