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Sixteen Utility Boxes Through Brentwood to be Painted

by ECT

Eleven artists have been commissioned to paint sixteen (16) utility boxes throughout Brentwood.  Work will commence in the coming months and the project will be complete by late October of this year.

On June 26, 2018, City Council approved the recommendation from the Arts Commission to contract with eleven local artists as follows:

Ismael Alvarez

  • Vineyards Parkway and Miwok Avenue w/bollards (Wild Birds)
  • Fairview Avenue and Concord Avenue (The Couple)

Lorin Baeta

  • Fairview Avenue and Arlington Way w/bollards (Marco)
  • Central Boulevard and Dainty Avenue (Beta Bowl)
  • Fairview Avenue and John Muir Parkway w/bollards (Polo)
  • Sand Creek Road and Sand Creek Crossing w/bollards (Giant Octopus)

Matt D’Amico

  • Vineyards Parkway and Miwok Avenue (Catching Fire Flies)

June Gomez

  • Balfour Road and John Muir Parkway w/bollards (The Harvest)
  • Balfour Road and Griffith Lane w/bollards (Pets in Park)

Bill Hirvonen

  • NE Corner Fairview Avenue and Central Boulevard w/bollards (Roses)

Debra Janis

  • SW Corner Minnesota Avenue and Sand Creek Road w/bollards (It’s a Dog’s World)

Briana M. Orozco

  • Balfour Road and McViking Way w/bollards (Integrity, Believe and Inspire)

Nancy Roberts

  • SE Corner Central Boulevard and Griffith Lane (Happy Kids!)

Emma Smith

  • Sand Creek Road and Business Center Drive w/bollards (Horse)

Ashley Lauren

  • O’Hara Avenue and Second Street w/bollards (Liberty High School Lions)

Mary Young

  • Balfour Road and Foothill Drive (Golfing)

This project is funded through the Public Art Program Acquisition fund.  For additional information, please contact the City of Brentwood Parks and Recreation Department at 516-5444.

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Lizz M. Aug 31, 2018 - 4:49 pm

It makes me smile when see these painted boxes. Thank you to the artists who have added color and relevant scenes to our community (Oakley and Brentwood).

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