Senator Steve Glazer Announces Re-Election Bid

Press Release


East Bay of San Francisco, CA  -​ Senator Steve Glazer today (August12, 2019) announced his intention to run for re-election to the California State Senate. In a strong show of support, more than 50 county Supervisors, Mayors and City Council Members announced their endorsement of Glazer for a new four-year term.


Glazer was elected in a special election in 2015 and was re-elected to a four-year term in 2016 garnering 67% of the vote.


During his Senate tenure, Glazer passed legislation establishing an independent Office of Inspector General overseeing all BART activities. Governor Gavin Newsom appointed Harriet Richardson to fill the top job this summer.


Other notable achievements by Glazer include passing the nation’s first truth-in-lending law for small businesses, the enactment of the country’s first rainwater recycling tax reduction program, updating the state’s assault weapon ban, and measures to improve the 4-year graduation rate at California universities.


A ten-year councilmember and three-term Mayor of Orinda, Glazer has a special appreciation for the value of decision making close to the people. He’s always been reluctant to advance ‘one size fits all’ state rules if matters could be better decided by local jurisdictions.


“What stands out to me about Senator Glazer’s Senate service is his relentless advocacy for local control,” said Pleasanton Mayor Jerry Thorne. “That is why he has been recognized by the California League of Cities for being one of the Legislature’s best defenders for our small towns and cities.”


“Steve knows how important BART is to the transportation network of the Bay Area,” said Danville Mayor Robert Storer. “He is one of the few leaders watching their work both as a critic and a booster. We need BART to function more safely, efficiently and effectively. His legislation to establish an Inspector General over BART with public accountability is an important success for all of us.”


Glazer was a former Trustee of the 23-campus California State University and currently sits on the Senate Education Committee.


“Educating the next generation is the most important work we do in this state,” said Glazer. “Over the past few years we have added thousands of seats for early childhood education, increased per pupil funding by more than $3,000 a student, and enhanced teacher training and support. We are also raising 4-year graduation rates at our public higher education institutions while keeping tuition low. I will push for improvement in all of these areas should the voters give me the opportunity to continue my service in the Senate.”


Glazer has also worked to improve public safety and fairness in the criminal justice arena. He has authored legislation for the Innocence Project and has also sought to increase the use of DNA in solving cold crime cases. He successfully added an amendment to the state budget this year to create a restorative justice pilot program that will allow prosecutors to tailor punishment and restitution to the benefit of crime victims and community safety.


During Glazer’s four years in the Senate, he has been recognized for his bi-partisan approach to his work as well has his commitment to progressive values. He has been named legislator of the year by the California Small Business Association, California State Student Association, Crime Victims United, AMVETS,  CA Women for Agriculture and East Bay Regional Park District. He has received top ratings by the League of Conservation Voters, Equality California, and Planned Parenthood.


“A California Senate district is larger than many states but Steve and his staff stay connected,” said Antioch Mayor Sean Wright. “He is visible and available to me and my city staff. He solicits feedback and is a good listener. Our area Mayors and Councilmembers are big supporters of Steve.”


Joining Mayors Thorne, Storer and Wright in supporting Senator Glazer’s re-election are Mayor Carlyn Obringer of Concord, Mayor Bill Clarkson of San Ramon, Mayor John Marchand of Livermore, Mayor Mike Anderson of Lafayette, Mayor Robert Storer of Danville, Mayor David Haubert of Dublin, Mayor Inga Miller of Orinda, Mayor Claire Alaura of Oakley, Mayor Roger Wykle of Moraga, and Mayor Juan Antonio Banales of Pittsburg.


Also endorsing Glazer are Contra Costa County Supervisors Federal Glover, Diane Burgis, Karen Mitchoff and Candace Anderson.


“These local leaders know first hand the challenges of representing our diverse constituencies in Contra Costa and Alameda counties,” said Senator Glazer. “It is an honor and a big responsibility to serve in a leadership capacity. I am grateful for their confidence in me and will work hard every day to be deserving of their trust and support.”


To date, Senator Glazer has earned the support of the following council members and county supervisors:


Eastern Contra Costa County

  • Mayor Sean Wright, City of Antioch
  • Mayor Pro Tem Joy Motts, City of Antioch
  • Council Member Lamar Thorpe, City of Antioch
  • Council Member Monica Wilson, City of Antioch
  • Council Member Lori Ogorhock, City of Antioch
  • Council Member Karen Rarey, City of Brentwood
  • Mayor Claire Alaura, City of Oakley
  • Council Member Kevin Romick, City of Oakley
  • Council Member Sue Higgins, City of Oakley
  • Mayor Juan Antonio Banales, City of Pittsburg
  • Council Member Meryl Craft, City of Pittsburg
  • Council Member Holland White, City of Pittsburg


Central Contra Costa County 

  • Mayor Carlyn Obringer, City of Concord
  • Vice Mayor, Tim McGallian, City of Concord
  • Council Member Laura Hoffmeister, City of Concord
  • Council Member Dominic Aliano, City of Concord
  • Council Member Jim Diaz, City of Clayton
  • Council Member Carl Wolfe, City of Clayton
  • Mayor Cindy Silva, City of Walnut Creek
  • Council Member Matt Francois, City of Walnut Creek
  • Council Member Kevin Wilk, City of Walnut Creek



  • Mayor Mike Anderson, Lafayette
  • Vice Mayor Susan Candell, City of Lafayette
  • Council Member Teresa Gerringer, City of Lafayette
  • Council Member Cameron Burks, City of Lafayette
  • Mayor Roger Wykle, Moraga
  • Vice Mayor Kymberleigh Korpus, City of Moraga
  • Council Member Steve Woehleke, City of Moraga
  • Council Member Renata Sos, City of Moraga
  • Council Member Mike McCluer, City of Moraga
  • Mayor Inga Miller, Orinda
  • Vice Mayor Darlene Gee, City of Orinda
  • Council Member Amy Worth, City of Orinda
  • Council Member Dennis Fay, City of Orinda
  • Council Member Nick Kosla, City of Orinda



  • Mayor Rob Storer, Town of Danville
  • Vice Mayor Karen Stepper, Town of Danville
  • Council Member Renee Morgan, Town of Danville
  • Council Member Newell Arnerich, Town of Danville
  • Mayor David Haubert, City of Dublin
  • Council Member Jean Josey, City of Dublin
  • Council Member Arun Goel, City of Dublin
  • Mayor John Marchand, City of Livermore
  • Council Member Bob Woerner, City of Livermore
  • Council Member Bob Coomber, City of Livermore
  • Mayor Jerry Thorne, City of Pleasanton
  • Vice Mayor Karla Brown, City of Pleasanton
  • Council Member Jerry Pentin, City of Pleasanton
  • Council Member Kathy Narum, City of Pleasanton
  • Council Member Julie Testa, City of Pleasanton
  • Mayor Bill Clarkson, City of San Ramon
  • Council Member Dave Hudson, City of San Ramon
  • Council Member Phil O’Loane, City of San Ramon
  • Council Member Scott Perkins, City of San Ramon


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