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Sand Creek Interchange Completion Celebrated in Brentwood

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Highway 4 / Sand Creek Interchange Completion Celebrated in Brentwood
Streets of Brentwood Shopping Center Marks Occasion with Store Discounts

Brentwood, CA: Friday morning, the Contra Costa Transportation Authority (CCTA) and Caltrans were joined by elected officials and community members to celebrate the completion of the Sand Creek Interchange, marking a major project milestone for the Highway 4 Corridor improvements in eastern Contra Costa County.

The completion of this project brings much needed congestion relief to eastern Contra Costa County. In August 2013, a new eastbound bridge over Sand Creek Road and two new eastbound lanes to traffic were opened to traffic. CCTA was able to fund a second, westbound highway bridge as part of this project with cost savings realized on this construction contract and a $5 million contribution of Measure J funds.

On Saturday, Oct 25, shoppers can enjoy discounts of 10% or more at participating stores and restaurants in the Streets of Brentwood Shopping Center in commemoration of the new interchange and highway improvements.

Randy Iwasaki CCTA Brentwood“The Sand Creek interchange is a great example of being good stewards of public funds. We were able to use cost savings from the first part of this contract to build the second bridge that completes the Sand Creek interchange. The new lanes and widened median will improve mobility in East County and fulfill the mission of Measure J,” said Randy Iwasaki, Executive Director, CCTA.

“With this and other projects in the East Bay, the people of Contra Costa County can clearly see that their taxpayer dollars are hard at work to ease traffic congestion along State Route 4 to benefit the region,” said Caltrans Director Malcolm Dougherty.

“These improvements to Highway 4 and Sand Creek Road help solidify Brentwood’s position as a fast-growing city. The shops at the Streets of Brentwood are examples of the businesses that thrive on improved connections to rest of the Bay Area,” said Brentwood Mayor Bob Taylor.

Joining the celebration were: US Congressman Jerry McNerney; California State Assembly Member Jim Frazier; Contra Costa Supervisor Mary Piepho; Brentwood Mayor Robert Taylor; Contra Costa Transportation Authority Chair Kevin Romick; and Caltrans District 4 Director Bijan Sartipi.

The entire Sand Creek Interchange project includes expanding the highway from two to four lanes (two in each direction) from Lone Tree Way to just south of Sand Creek Road, the construction of the Sand Creek Road Interchange, and the inclusion of a median wide enough to accommodate mass transit in the future (eBART). The project is part of the overall Highway 4 Corridor projects, totaling over $1.3 billion, which will greatly improve transit accessibility for the region, help reduce air pollution, and enhance the quality of life for the more than 250,000 residents of eastern Contra Costa County. The overall Highway 4 projects are funded by the Contra Costa Transportation Authority’s Measure J half-cent sales tax, and other local, state and federal funds. To date, more than $17 billion in State Proposition 1B funds, the 2006 voter-approved transportation bond, have been put to work statewide for transportation purposes.

Below are comments from yesterdays speakings prior to the ribbon cutting taking place:

Bob Taylor Sand Creek BrentwoodMayor Bob Taylor, Brentwood
This used to be horrible and when you got home the kids they knew you were in a bad mood when you been in a car all day, you miss Monday Night Football or school event. All that had an effect on the community,” said Taylor. “I used to be on the road, people would wave at me but the diminishment of fingers was not right, but now I get all five so I would say that is quite an accomplishment.”

Jerry McNerney Sand Creek BrentwoodCongressman Jerry McNerney
He explained how traffic is getting better every year since he has had to go from Stockton to Antioch and this project highlights hard work and cooperation between many agencies.

“It’s very pleasing to see the level of cooperation on how decisions are made quickly and acted upon quickly since the economy is struggling it’s easier to get these projects done on time and under budget,” said McNerney. “Let’s continue this process.”

Jim Frazier Sand Creek BrentwoodAssemblyman Jim Frazier
I am ramped up for the next phase of the Highway 4 improvement and what I understand is Balfour will go out to bid in April and start in fall of 2015. I will fight for greater transportation resources for East County and looking down the road to innovate and champion future transit projects that will promote our local industry availability to move goods and promote safety for our people who live in East County and ensure our neighbors travel safely. Working together will keep East County moving forward,” said Frazier.

Randy Iwasaki Sand Creek BrentwoodRandy Iwasaki, Executive Director, CCTA
explained how this project was not even supposed to be built, but they had realized $2 million in savings from the initial project and saved another $3 million on the next segment so they had a $7 million bridge for $3 million.

Mary Piepho Sand Creek BrentwoodContra Costa County Board of Supervisor Mary Piepho
“This is about the economy, it’s about jobs, it’s about quality of life, and it’s about safety, it’s about getting from home to work and back to your family in a safe, efficient, and enjoyable manner and the project here is a testimony to that and the great effort between all the partners,” said Piepho. “The progress does make a difference.

Kevin Romick Sand Creek BrentwoodKevin Romick, Oakley City Council/Board Chair of CCTA
Every ribbon cutting is just an opportunity to improve transportation efforts to make that commute quicker and a little bit easier,” said Romick. “The secrets (backgrounds) that we have hoarded from the past from generation to the next will soon be able to forget about because we will soon be able to say travel Highway 4. Obviously not right now, but that day is coming.”

Bijan Sartipi Sand Creek BrentwoodCaltrans District 4 Director Bijan Sartipi
“This project has improved mobility, reduced traffic congestion at Sand Hill Road,” proclaimed Sartipi. “it will also address future traffic needs when the widening of Loveridge Road and Interstate 160 is completed and other Highway 4 projects.”

A special shout out to The Streets of Brentwood for hosting the event along with Auntie Anne’s, Sweet Bliss Cupcakes, and Starbucks for the food and coffee provided.

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