Reader: Witness Sought After in Hit and Run Accident in Antioch


A woman who was involved in a hit and run accident Sunday around 8:45 pm is asking for the public’s help in locating a driver who took off after the accident that left her car damaged.

The accident occurred at the stoplight at Hillcrest Avenue and Vista Grande with the car coming from the Prewett Ranch area. Expecting the vehilce to stop and pull over, the vehicle instead took off. The women tried to give chase, but the other vehicle ran a red light to get away at Lone Tree way and Vista Grande.

According to the woman, the vehicle was a dark model older Oldsmobile—which should have damage to the driver front end and possibly have paint from her vehicle (purplish in color). If you have any information on this incident, please contact [email protected]

Here are a couple of photographs of the damage the accident caused to her vehilce.


  1. This is so sad. I hope someone comes forward with information to catch that ghetto bastard.

  2. I hope that driver gets caught for the sake of others. He didn’t only run one stop lights, but two, and drove at a high speed in a residential area…my car is replacable..unlike lives! Antioch sucks that much more for me and my family!!

  3. Hopefully police were notified, as that is their job to chase and not john q public. That does suck that the idiot did not stop, but chasing someone can also cause injuries to the general public in a residential area

    • Has anyone noticed their auto insurance rates have taken a hike up? Mine have, I guess it’s because of accidents like this and the CRAZY drivers around this City!

      • Tom,

        My auto insurance has increased dramatically. The black plague in Antioch hits our pockets deeper than most people would like to believe.

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