Quirk in Discovery Bay’s CSD Voting Totals


In reviewing the Discovery Bay election results, something odd occurred when comparing the election of the full-term Community Services Director vs. the part-term  Community Services Director. While both seats are equally important and basically the same seat and job description,  one race received 2,331 more votes than the other.

The reason for the part-term (final 2 years) is because of the resignation by Brian Dawson mid-way through his service. The winner of that seat will complete Director Dawson’s term where the seat will be up for election again in two years where it will return to the full four-year term.

I won’t pretend to explain why this occurred but simply wanted to point it out because it means a lot of folks voted for one race and not the other.

While Mark Simon and Bill Pease easily won seats, those 2,300+ votes in the two-year seat might have made the race closer between winner Ray Tetreault and Michael Temby.

Click the graphic below to see the results.


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