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Pittsburg to Host Roundtable on Race, Discrimination, Injustice and Police-Community Relations

by ECT

On Saturday, the City of Pittsburg and its City Council will host a virtual roundtable on topics that include race, discrimination, injustice, and police-community relations.

The meeting comes in the wake of the killing of George Floyd by a Minneapolis police officer and ensuing protests. The discussion will include all five of the Pittsburg city councilmembers and Police Chief Brian Addington.

Mayor Jelani Killings said he was seeking a better understanding of the issues from the community.

“This is a great opportunity for an open discussion so that we can all gain a better understanding of the issues we must address as a community. My hope is that we can all listen, learn, and work together for the safety and prosperity of all Pittsburg residents,” said Killings.

City Councilmember Shanelle Scales-Preston said these discussions will not be easy, but are needed.

“I am eager and look forward to listening to our community and working with my colleagues on the City Council and our PD at this important event. These discussions are not easy to undertake. I am no expert nor do I pretend to have all the answers, however, having these difficult conversations can lead to the kind of real healing in our communities that is needed for making change and taking actions that result in more equitable outcomes for our community,” said Scales-Preston.

Chief Addington called it an opportunity to listen to the community.

“For me it an opportunity to listen to our community’s concerns, and see how we can do a better job addressing the concerns,” said chief Addington.

The virtual public discussion is planned for Saturday, June 20, 2020 and will be held via zoom from 10 a.m. to noon.

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Sven Schenker Jun 16, 2020 - 1:30 pm

Any chance “Systemic Democrat Lies” will be discussed ??

Asking for a friend

Horst Buchholz Jun 16, 2020 - 4:44 pm

I’m sure this bunch will bring up “restorative justice”— a favorite phrase of that idiot District Attorney of ours… in which the victim of some ghetto sewer rat thug gets to sit down with him (or her) along with some social workers to see if the thug will accept “responsibility” for his evil deeds and make amends! I’m sure that will go over like a cold turd.

Pastor Maynard Jun 16, 2020 - 4:46 pm

“Left vs Right” and “Republican vs Democrat” are false dichotomies of the past. The current debate at hand is about humanity vs the State, which so far has been acting inhumanely with its tyrannical tactics of policing. Justifying these police acts just puts you on the wrong side of history.

Grace Wilson Jun 16, 2020 - 7:39 pm

“Tyrannical tactics of policing?” That’s how one handles criminals or do you want the police to dance a gavote with them? Throw rose petals at them?

Erica Jensen Jun 16, 2020 - 11:06 pm

Let’s call a spade – a spade, shall we? No one gave a rat’s ass about blacks then, and no one gives a rat’s ass about blacks now. Every special interest group uses them for their agenda & then throws them back, until they need them again for their vote or whatever they have in mind. Black’s lives don’t improve. Under Obama they got worse. He actually betrayed them! The blacks are compliant with this set up. It is called “sanction of the victim” by Ayn Rand who wrote about this phenomenon.

Blacks need to recognize that they are being used, pull themselves up by their own bootstraps. Many have done that and are successful because they didn’t waste time blaming “whitey” or anyone else.

Henry Jones Jun 16, 2020 - 7:36 pm

Cops all over the country are quitting! Who can blame them?

Lola Saavedra Jun 17, 2020 - 7:10 pm

I suppose this city council bunch will go back to the history of the Civil War and say it was fought to free the slaves! Let me see if I can set them straight before all hell breaks loose.

Slavery might have been one of the issues that manifested the civil war, but it was the cotton tax northern states slapped on the south because New England textile mills could not compete with cheap European importers that used our southern cotton that was suddenly more efficient to produce thanks to the cotton gin.

It was mainly about taxes that forced the southern states to leave the union.

At the start of the Civil War many southern politicians wanted to end slavery because it was no longer profitable.

Jefferson Davis decided not to end slavery because he wanted TAXES to be remembered as the reason for the Civil War. Abe Lincoln turned slavery into the reason for the war because at the time the south was winning

Uptown Jun 17, 2020 - 8:23 pm

You got it right-on-the-money!

Gwen Song Jun 20, 2020 - 6:45 pm

No one gives a damn about black “rights”. They know damn well they got more rights in the USA (and untold material benefits) than any other people on the planet. It’s a POWER grab among all the groups that are using this crisis to further their agenda. The Globalists/NWO is letting the blacks do the dirty work for them. The blacks think they are going to gain power, but it’s the Globalists pulling their ropes behind the scenes – they don’t even realize it. That’s why they are dangerous people. Ignorant people form the weak link that can, and does, bring down a nation. But it won’t happen. Just like we stopped Obama who tried his best to ruin this country, we can stop others!

Greg Langnes Jun 21, 2020 - 3:58 pm

Great post, Gwen and others! You sure nailed it!

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