Pittsburg Police Received 161 Firework Complaints, Brentwood Had 35 During July 4 Holiday


The Pittsburg Police Department said Friday that officers responded to a reported 161 fireworks complaints Thursday night.

According to police, as part of their Zero Tolerance Proactive Enforcement Detail, 12 officers and a supervisor were on specifically assigned to respond to all fireworks and related complaints throughout the city.

No citations were issued and no arrests were made, however, police did confirm officers did confiscate numerous amounts of fireworks throughout the evening.

Pittsburg Police were the only agency to respond to the question on how many arrests, tickets or citations were issued Thursday night as Contra Costa County has a zero tolerance stance on illegal fireworks.

The Brentwood Police Department confirmed they had 35-calls for service for firework complaints with 2 citations issued. That number is expected to rise. They expect additional data to be released Monday.

The City of Antioch, City of Oakley and Contra Costa County Sheriffs Office have not yet responded to the request for information.

On an earlier post, it was reported that the Contra Costa County Fire Protection District had  37 fires only July 4. They also stated that 5 of them were confirmed linked to fireworks, but noted it was likely the majority, if not all, were results of fireworks.

Will update as data becomes available.


  1. Zero tolerance, and if you are caught there will be zero citations. What a joke!! Maybe your tattoo ink sunk into your blood stream and made you stupid. Thanks assholes

  2. It’s a shame that no arrests were made. For starters, they should have had 161 arrests! Forget citations! Those are not worth the paper they are printed on!

  3. I would have loved to see some angry people, grab one of those fireworks-shooting-miscreants, hold him down, drop his pants, shove a firecracker up his butt and LIGHT THE FUSE!

  4. The citations written charge them with a $5,000 file… Multiply that by 161 and it could pay an officer’s salary for a year.

  5. Yeah zero tolerance my butt. In Oakley I called the non emergency number about idiots lighting mortars nearby. I watched two separate law enforcement encounters occur on them and nothing more than words were said. The first cop got out and seemed to be looking around, but no citation, even though he rolled up as they were lighting fountains in the street in between their sky bombs…… Second cop didn’t get out and talked to them for a short time and left. They just kept lighting more right after they left each time.

    I was dumbfounded by the inadequate response. There’s still a lot of dry brush everywhere and last I checked houses aren’t fire proof. I guarantee if it were fire fighters handling the calls it’d have a better ending.

    Law enforcement doesn’t care, it’s too much work for them apparently.

    I wanted to write the chief but don’t think it’ll help.


    • Hell! I would write the Chief of Police and raise bloody hell. You should have taken videos of the cops just taking to the scumbags! Pittsburg could have made a lot of money that day and even more before and after the 4th! Better yet, go to the City Council meeting and raise hell until you get a reason from them why this wasn’t handled properly.

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