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Pittsburg Police Pull Blind Man From House Fire, Revive Him on Front Lawn

by ECT

Just before 7:30 pm Wednesday, Contra Costa County firefighters responded to a report of a residential structure fire in the 70 block of W. 11th Street where they rescued a blind man from a home.

According to Captain Ron Raman of the Pittsburg Police Department, dispatch received additional information that there was a male subject trapped inside of the residence.  Officers arrived on scene within minutes of the call.

Pittsburg-Fire-CONFIREPolice observed smoke and fire coming from the residence and quickly made the decision to force entry through the front door in an effort to assist occupants of the residence.  Officers were immediately met by heavy smoke; they saw the male victim lying on the ground several feet inside of the residence.  He was unresponsive to the officers as they yelled out to him.  Additional officers arrived on scene during this time.

“Officers made entry into the residence and were able to carry the unconscious male victim outside.  Once outside the residence, officers provided CPR to the victim and were able to get a pulse,” explained Raman via a press release.

Contra Costa County Fire personnel arrived on scene at this time provided oxygen to the victim.

“As a result of the quick actions and life saving efforts by emergency personnel, the victim was revived and transported to the hospital for further evaluation,” said Raman.

One of our officers received a significant cut on his forearm during the forced entry and was been transported to a local hospital.  I will provide more information on our officers as it becomes available.  The male victim inside of the residence is 65 years old, there were no additional occupants inside of the residence.

According to Contra Costa County Fire, the fire was out by 7:50 and the fire caused a little over $200,000 in damages. The cause of the fire is still under investigation

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Great job Pittsburg PD!

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